A Complete List Of All The Ways Sam & Dean Have Died

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Sam & Dean are the main characters and also the soul of Supernatural since the beginning of season 1. They appear in almost each and every episode of Supernatural and they cannot be killed from the show that easily. You’ll be surprised to know that they died many times or most of the times as compared to others.

So here is a list of all the ways Sam & Dean have died in Supernatural!

1. Tessa almost reaped Dean

List Of All The Ways Sam & Dean Have Died Sam & Dean

At the end of season 1, Sam, Dean and John end up in the hospital after a car crash and in that Dean dies and his soul tries to get back into his body. But Tessa tries to reap his soul and take it back to heaven but Azazel interrupts the process which saves Dean and he gets back into his body.

2. Jake stabbed Sam

List Of All The Ways Sam & Dean Have Died Sam & Dean

In season 2 there was a death match between Jake and Sam. Sam had beaten up Jake and as soon as Sam turned his back, Jake stabbed Sam which caused his death. But Dean saves Sam’s soul and resurrects him again.

3. Dean: All of mystery spot

List Of All The Ways Sam & Dean Have Die Sam & Dean

In season 3 Dean saw his death over a hundred times until Sam saved him. He was either shot or dropped something on him or slipped in his bathroom and many more.

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