What Happens When Adults Try Their Hands At Children’s Coloring Books

Kids are often encouraged and urged to utilize their creative ability to the full extent when it comes to art like drawing and sketching. It appears that the adults could do even better when it comes to coloring and sketching. So today Humor Nation has collected some pictures showing what happens when adults are allowed to use these children’s coloring books for their own purpose.

Items and stuff intended for kids regularly depict a cheerful world which is filled with daylight, blooms, animals with a big smile and characters depicting love and friendship. But imagine when an adult with a dark, macabre sense of humor get their hands on their world, what would be the result? While their shading and coloring is faultless, these talented grown-ups have transformed the black and white photos into something which is not PG at all.

So Let’s Take A Look At What Happens When Adults Try Their Hands At Children’s Coloring Books

1. This is dark.

Adults Try Their Hands At Children’s Coloring Books

2. Definitely not for kids.

3. What? Who would do this?

4. Don’t see it kids.

5. This changes everything.

6. This is seriously disturbing and offensive.

7. That’s why you should never ever leave an adult alone with a child’s coloring book.

8. Winnie “The Killer” Pooh

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9. Adding a little blood makes things interesting.

10. Poor baby seal has no idea what papa seal is going to do with him.

11. That’s disturbing, but I must say that’s it pretty creative.

12. Now this can’t be unseen.

13. Killer Kitty!

14. This is not Disney!

15. Things have got a lot more darker.

16. Mickey, don’t be racist.

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17. The sweet love story of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

18. Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.

19. Harry Potter with his best friend.

20. Awww so cute and adorable.

21. This looks really scary.

22. *Speechless*

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23. This is so evil.

24. Bad bad bad bad princess.

25. Sinister!!!

26. Right in the hole.

27. Jigsaw, always doing his work neat and sweet.

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