15 Amazing Facts About Sanskrit That’ll Make You Proud To Be An Indian

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Most of you may have studied Sanskrit during your school days and you may also know that how we all used to dread those long classes of Sanskrit. Those difficult words and their difficult pronunciation used to make us all sweat badly, but to be honest it isn’t that bad as we think it is. We should really understand the importance of our ancient languages and Sanskrit is by far the oldest language we know, so we should be proud of it. So without wasting any time we should carry on and know more about this ancient language.

So here are some fun and interesting facts about Sanskrit that every Indian should be aware of!

1. You will be surprised as well as amazed to know that Uttarakhand’s second official state language is none other than our ancient language Sanskrit.

10 Amazing Facts About Sanskrit That'll Make You Proud To Be An Indian

2. For each and every subject Sanskrit has a lot and lots of synonyms, it’s like a vast treasure of synonyms. The language also has the highest number of vocabularies as compared to any other language in the world.

15 Amazing Facts About Sanskrit That'll Make You Proud To Be An Indian

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3. There is a Sanskrit newspaper named Sudharma which has been in publication since the year 1970. This newspaper is easily available online, so go and have a look at it.

4. The Sanskrit language is the mother of all languages. About 97% of world languages have somewhat influenced by the grammar of the language directly or indirectly. Here’s another interesting fact that102 Arab 78 Crore & 50 Lakh words have been used in the Sanskrit language.

5. Before all the Arab invasion, Indian subcontinent’s national language of only Sanskrit.

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