Ancient Chiranjeevis (Immortals) From Hindu Mythology That Are Still Alive


5. Kripacharya

Kripacharya and his twin sister Kripi were adopted by King of Hastinapur, Shantanu. And Kripacharya was the guru of the royal children of Hastinapur and was related to Dronacharya as his sister was married to him. He fought from Duryodhana’s side in Mahabharata and was blessed with immortality and it is believed that he is also alive.

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6. Veda Vyasa

Guru Purnima is celebrated on his birthday and he is said to have classified the Vedas and split it into four parts to make it easier for people to read it. He was believed to be one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu. Vyasa tricked Lord Ganesha into writing the Mahabharata while he was dictating it.

7. Mahabali

Mahabali was a righteous ruler who always did charity and despite being an asura he never behaved like one. He was blessed with immortality by Lord Vishnu as he impressed him with his charitable nature, humility, and devotion towards him. Onam is celebrated to welcome him once in a year.

8. Markandeya

Markendeya is a devotee of Lord Shiva and was granted and he was granted immortality by Shiva. When Lord Shiva clashed with Yamaraj to decide the rishi’s destiny.

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