BE YOURSELF! Just 2 Minutes Of Read Can Change Your Life

The most simplest and the most hardest thing you’ll ever find is being yourself.

From a realistic view, you’ll see that we live in insecurities through out our lives. Insecurities that has followed us right from our birth, will pursue us to our end. Is it in human nature, or nurture? Why do we let ourselves to be judged by others? Why do we have this constant need of having the approval of others? Why do we think that behaving a certain way would make people like us?

So many such questions can be asked, the answer is pretty simple; it’s what we have been taught. We are humans, we are social creatures, we need to have the social interaction. We want to mingle with everyone, we want to be cool, as a result we think that it’s only possible when people like us. We want others to notice us, we want to conform ourselves with the society’s model.

Right from the beginning, children have been taught to behave in the so called ‘approved’ behavior, suppress your independent thinking, do what please your neighbors or your relatives. Score good grades because Mrs. Verma’s son got a rank in the class, don’t take up photography as a career option, choose engineering because your cousin got a campus placement. We have to do better than that.

We don’t realize how flawed our society is. In the process of making young minds find success, we’re creating failure. We’re taking away their creativity, we are wasting a potential. The less blame to the society, I see the real guilty are us. We are too afraid of making a move, we are afraid of shining in our own light. We lack trust in ourselves. I say never be afraid of making mistakes, but be afraid of not making one.

Inaction is the greatest evil, you can’t always wait for the right time, you have to make the time right. You don’t need an approval tag, you don’t need others to tell you what you should do, you know better. No matter how hard you try to be someone else, how hard you try to do their thing, you’ll fall short. Be yourself, do your thing, no matter how crazy it sounds, that’s the only way you’re going to taste the fruit of satisfaction.

Never let anyone tell you that you’re not good, never let a doubt run through your head that you can’t do something. The thing about happiness is that it comes from inside, you can have all the luxuries, riches, but if you don’t feel good about yourself, if you don’t have a deep understanding of who you are, what your purpose is, you’re never going to find happiness.

The only person standing between you and your goal is you. You can change, it’s the choice that only you can make. Don’t ask for others acceptance, the only acceptance you need is of yourself. We have already seen enough of our weaknesses, it’s time to acknowledge our strengths. Be who you are, be yourself, accept yourself, this formula will set you free.

Stop comparing yourself with others, it’s like what that Einstein guy said “Everybody is a genius, but if are going to judge a fish not by its ability to swim, but by its ability to climb a tree. Then the fish will live its entire life believing it is stupid”.

We are humans, we are the most intelligent species, what makes us special is that we can adapt to any changes. Our intelligence is a measure of our ability to change. You must believe that you can change, you can do whatever you want. You want to be a writer? However you don’t know where to start, you can start by simply writing your random thoughts on a paper. See it’s not that hard.


We are what we believe, we let ourselves think that we’re not good at something because we have never done that thing before. Don’t worry about people hating you or criticizing you in your effort, some people are simply like that, just smile at them, and keep moving forward. Be original, be creative, and most importantly BE YOURSELF.

Anshay Tomar
A movie buff, an Otaku, huge MMA and pro-wrestling follower. I'm a tumblr addict, have many fandoms and I'm also an aspiring artist. Works as a Content Writer.