10 Biggest Robberies Of All Time!

Hey Friends! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Have you watched Bollywood movie series Dhoom? Yes, then you might find this article super fascinating because we have compiled biggest robberies and greatest heists of all the time for your pleasurable read. They are not those foolish thefts, they were planned, practiced and then executed. The Biggest and greatest robberies in the history!

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Biggest Robberies Of All Time!

1. In 2003, nearly US $ 1 billion were stolen from central bank of Iraq. $ 650 million were later found hidden in Saddam Hussein’s Palace. Saddam Hussein instructed his close advisor and his son to steal off $1 billion dollars from the Central Bank

2. In 1990, two men robbed paintings worth Rs. 1900 crores, from a palace in Boston, Museum. They were dressed like cops and they executed this plan in a very clean manner. The 3 works of fine art valued at an unbelievable cost of $500 million were taken away from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

3. In 2006, six men threatened a family of manager and took away 580 crores, from Kent Securitas Depot. It is the largest cash robbery in the history of British. They tied up the family of the manager and 14 staff members and took around stole £53,116,760 in the form of bank notes from Securitas Cash Management Ltd depot. 

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4. In 1987, two men came to Knightsbridge security Deposit and flee with Rs. 700 crores. They first requested to rent a safe deposit box and executed the burglary. The robbery was executed by Valerio Viccei who was a lawyer’s son. Two men came to the Knightsbridge Safe Deposit Centre and they said they are looking to rent a safe deposit box. They then drew handguns and placed a sign on the door which said that the Safe Deposit Centre was temporarily closed and robbed around £60 million.

5. Royal Mail’s Glasgow, to London travelling post office was stopped forcefully in 1963. Even without guns, Rs. 458 crores were stolen and never found. It is infamously known as the Great Train Robbery. A robbery of £2.6 million from a Royal Mail train which was traveling from Glasgow to London. 


6. In 1983, 10 tons of gold were robbed from Brink’s Mat Warehouse. On 26 November 1983, at the Heathrow International Trading Estate, an unbelievable robbery took place. In Brink’s Mat Warehouse robbery, £26 million (£83.39 million) worth of cash, diamonds, and gold bullion were stolen.

7. In 1997, inside man of Dunbar Armored robbed Rs. 120 Crore. It is the largest cash robbery to ever took place in United States. At the Dunbar Armored facility in LA. The robbers took away around US$18.9 million ($28.8 million).

8. In 2004, a bank official of Northern Bank was threatened and this helped burglars steal 318 crores. A biggest cash robbery at Donegall Square West headquarters of Northern Bank located in Northern Ireland. The gang of robbers took away around £26.5 million. 

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9. In 2005, Rs. 445 crores were robbed, from Branco Central in Brazil. They executed this theft by building a tunnel 255 feet up to the bank. It is one of the world’s greatest and largest thefts. Around R$160 million from the vault of the Banco Central branch which is located in Ceará, Brazil were stolen. 25 people were involved, but only 8 were arrested.

10. On 11 December 1987, at Kennedy Airport, a robbers van robbed away 36 crore rupees. It is known as the Lufthansa heist which took place at the John F. Kennedy International Airport. Around $5.875 million ($22.0 million today) were stolen.

10 Biggest Robberies Of All Time!

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