5 Weirdest Bizarre Mating Rituals In The World

Welcome to Humor Nation. So you guys know about the birds and the bees, right? Well if not go ask your parents because I’m definitely not getting roped into explaining that one. But I will tell you that mating rituals that certain animals perform are pretty bizarre and that’s we’re going to be talking about today. Hey guys, how are you doing? And welcome back to Humor Nation and let us entertain you. Before we get on this list, I want to know what is your favorite animal and why? Let me know your answers down in the comments.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Weirdest Bizarre Mating Rituals In The World!

5. Giraffes

5 Weirdest Bizarre Mating Rituals In The World

Giraffe ladies are actually quite stubborn and it takes a lot before they will be ready to mate. I mean they need to carry a calf around for 15 months of pregnancy so they deserve to be a little picky and male giraffes they know their place. In order to find out if a female giraffe is ready to mate, the male giraffe will use his head to rub her backside. Aww that’s so cute, oh wait apparently he rubs her backside until she’s pees. Okay I guess that’s the sign of affection, but there’s more after this. The male giraffe will then drink the pee, this allows him to find out if she’s in heat.

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4. Birds Of Paradise

Now this one is creepy or really cool, depending on how you look at it. When a male bird of paradise is ready to mate, he stretches his stuffs and spreads his feathers and starts to dance. And his talent doesn’t come naturally, these birds practice these moves at a young age. It looks a little something like this. So that’s either an island bird performing a mating ritual dance or demonic creature bouncing about. Who’s to say which one?


3. Bees

It turns out these reproduction is actually pretty graphic when the male is ready to inseminate his queen, his testicles actually explode and he dies. What? Yeah it turns out with bees, once a female gets two sperm from a male, they actually hang on to it until they are ready to lay their eggs. Male bees actually have the ability to reach inside the female and scoop out the sperm of their competitors. What? Well I guess that makes sense since they probably don’t want their testicles to explode. Some bees will actually break their ‘tools’ off into the female which seals off any chance of another male getting with her. These bees sound like stage five clinger.

2. Anglerfish

These women are nasty. They bring a whole new meaning to the word crazy. These fish live in the depth of the ocean so it’s somewhat hard for them to find a mate, but when they do follow watch out. What happens is the male will bite the female and latch onto her and over time the two fish will eventually fuse into one. This connects their circulatory system and the female can use his sperm when she’s ready to reproduce. And depending on which species of angler fish it is then the female can actually have several mates attached to her. So the bigger she is the more partners she’s had.

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1. Praying Mantis

Talk about femme fatale. This seductive female lures her men with her pheromones and when he approaches a courtship dance begins, After the male shows off his cool moves he hopped onto the females back and the fertilization begins. Once the act is complete or even during the act the female has been known to viciously chew her partners head off.

So yeah it doesn’t get much worse than that. Well there you have it so this is a top weirdest mating rituals in the world. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you so much for reading, I’ll catch you in the next one.

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