10 Facts That You Should Know About Grell Sutcliff

Hey guys, what’s going on? Welcome become to Humor Nation. Bringing you guys another black butler related article, you guys really did enjoy the last few articles we wrote on the series and we’ve been seeing a lot of comments asking to make articles for the independent characters. So we decided you know why not? So with all that said instead here are facts about Grell Sutcliff.

Let’s Take A Look At 10 Facts That You Should Know About Grell Sutcliff

1. Grell is very fond of using words that can be often misinterpreted and incorporating plays into his speech. He has a tendency to put things in terms of theater and melodramatic referring to Angelina’s death as but the falling of curtains, he compared his conflict with Grim Reaper and demon quot unquote relationship with Sebastian similar to the conflict from the play Romeo and Juliet.

2. Grell Sutcliff has fallen in love with a number of characters from the series. Three of them being Sebastian, William and the Undertaker. Now I include this fact in one of my previous article and I received a number of comments telling me that Madam Red should have been on this list. However I personally never saw anything in the series that could have been evidence for this. I always just saw them as partners so I mean if anyone can clear things up for me on this one, I would greatly appreciate it.

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3. According to the official black butler character popularity poll, Grell was voted as the fourth most popular character in the series with votes ranking him among the double six alongside Sebastian, Ciel, and Vincent Phantomhive, Charles Grey and the Undertaker.

4. In the official Black Butler character guide, Grell’s favorite color is revealed to be red although that one was kind of obvious. But it also reveals that he likes the scent of roses and musk, and he dislikes tea.

5. In the ova “The tales of Will the Grim Reaper”, Grell and William were both students at the Grim Reaper Academy. However Grell resented being partnered with William because at the time girl was a very excellent student with an expertise in handling a scythe while William was just an average student. This was kind of a shock for me considering as how much of a goofy is compared to William, who is kind of a stickler when it comes to the rules.


6. In black butler season two, Grell’s design was slightly changed from the first season. His vest which was initially black was changed to brown and his hair appears to be darker, his eye color was also changed so that his pupils were a dark greenish color, and his iris a light green. And he is able to use his death scythe as a means of transportation.

7. In the Durarara!! mang which is a series known for frequently referencing other anime/manga works, an image of Grell Sutcliff can be seen on the doors of an elevator inside of a manga store. Now if you guys have been following me for a while now you guys will know I love finding little hidden references and easter eggs inside series. So hearing about this one and finding out it was legit, I thought was really cool.

8. Grell Sutcliff name bears a resemblance to Peter Sutcliffe. A British serial killer responsible for the death of 30 women also known as the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’. Although he also shares many similarities to Jack the Ripper, so if I had to guess, I would say he is based on a combination of the two.

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9. In the early drafts of the series, Grell did not wear high heels like we see him wearing now. I can only guess that the series creator Yana Toboso threw this one in here just to confuse us a little bit more.

10 Facts That You Should Know About Grell Sutcliff

10. Grell’s biggest dream has been to become a woman as he has not been pleased being a man ever since he was born. In the question year girl’s confessional which series creator Yana Toboso had written to answer your personal questions regarding him. She only addressed girl with feminine pronouns and confirmed that he is a pre-operation male to female transsexual. However while this means Grail should be referred to with female pronouns by the fan base based on how the Creator herself referred to him. This was never properly addressed within the series so many people still refer to amusing male pronouns

So I just gotta say now I’m not trying to offend anyone I know in this article I’ve been using male pronouns that’s just how I’ve seen this character throughout the series and I’ve never been a big fan of using the term ‘They’ as it just sounds kind of weird for me. So do me a favor guys don’t get all triggered and flaming the comments section please.

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