10 Crazy And Interesting Facts About Black Butler

A couple weeks ago we did an article on Attack on Titan, we did one on you know Tokyo ghoul and we get a lot of fans who are down for the Japanese anime. And as you guys know here on Humor Nation, we like to take a lot of suggestions and lately we’ve been getting suggestions for show called Black Butler. Today we’re going to talk about Black Butler and if you don’t know the show that’s okay because we’re gonna teach you some new stuff too, without good old fashioned spoilers!

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Crazy And Interesting Facts About Black Butler!

1. Now for those who don’t know what black Butler is, now it’s a series about a 13-year-old young boy named Ciel Phantomhive and he ends up selling his soul to a demon called Sebastian Michaelis. This is all because he wants to track down and get personal justice on the people who murdered his family. What is more cool is that the show is set in Victorian times.

10 Crazy And Interesting Facts About Black Butler

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2. Now like many Japanese anime, this all started off as a popular manga done by Yana Toboso in 2006. Now it was first released in a monthly magazine called Monthly GFantasy and it was for its October edition. However it’s first four volume wasn’t released until Feb 27th of 2007. And in order for it to get an English release it was acquired by the Yen Press and the first English volume wasn’t released until 2010.

3. The demon that Ciel hangs out his name is Sebastian Michaelis. He’s a really cool, elegant, sort of character, kind of reminds me of V from V for Vendetta. Now although Sebastian poses as a butler, he got his name from Sebastian Michaelis who was a French Inquisitor from the 16th century.

4. Now this guy was a guy that was into like spirits and witchcraft. In 1581 and 1582 he took part in witchcraft trials which led to 14 woman being burned and convicted. However in 1587, he wrote a book called ‘Pneumologie: Discours des esprits’ which is a book all about demon classification and it’s awesome because well that’s what Sebastian is… a demon.


5. In an episode called “His Butler, Capricious”, it focuses around a character called Jack of the Ripper. Now we all know Jack the Ripper actually existed, but however when it came to creating this episode, they took such care into knowing everything about Jack the Ripper. This is because the people that were killed in the episode were real people that Jack the Ripper killed and that’s not the only time they’ve paralleled history.

6. Also on a side note Hana is the third demon to appear in Kuroshitsuji. She’s also the first one to be female and she’s also the first demon to have a contract seal that’s not just on her hand, but also in her eyes.

7. Going back to Sebastian, he’s a guy of elegance, he looks good. I gotta say he’s got a pretty awesome hairdo. You might be shocked to know when they first were creating this series, his hair wasn’t gonna be parted in the middle. Yeah, originally Sebastian gonna have his hair off to the side on a seven to three ratio. However the editorial staff just really hated it so they changed it.

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8. Besides the Undertaker being a really cool character in the first season he was a renowned Grim Reaper. He judged famous Souls like William Shakespeare, Marian Antoinette and let’s not forget good old fashioned Robin Hood. Now during the sixth arc of the Kuroshitsuji series called the ‘luxury liner arc’, he is seen wearing a Charlie Chaplin outfit. Now in that series they’re on a ship called “The Campania” which sets sail on April 17th of 1889.

However Charlie Chaplin was born on April 16th 1889. Although there is a real ship called the RMS campania which was the largest and fastest ship of its time when it launched on April 22nd 1893. But the series is a parallel to the Titanic because well first of all the two ships sink from iceberg they are also both reciprocating steam engines. In the campania, it was made by the Blue Star Line and the Titanic was actually made by the White Star Line.

9. Grell Sutcliff is a very interesting character to begin with and really quite humorous. Grell is actually known to be named after Peter Sutcliffe who is a serial killer from the UK known as the Yorkshire Ripper and Peter Sutcliffe was responsible for the murder of 13 women. Oh yeah and also Grell originally wasn’t gonna have heels in the original manga.

10. Let’s talk about the original author and that’s Yana Toboso. Now here’s the thing with Yana Toboso there are no known photos of this artist. As a matter of fact it’s speculated that there is not even one person named Jana Tabo shoe and that Yana Toboso shoe is actually a pen name. Now the only description or I guess we could call it photo of Yana Toboso is this avatar right here which is of a devil with a black body and black horns. But fans know that she’s in her 30s and she lives in Yokohama.

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