7 Bollywood Actresses Who Used Body Doubles For Intimate Scenes

4. Manisha Koirala In Ek Chhoti si Love Story (2002)

This film is a remake of the Polish film named ‘A Short Film About Love’, the film was very controversial due to the strong scenes displayed in the film, but was successful. The film tells the story of a 15 years old boy named Aditya and his obsession with his neighbor. The film had some graphic and in your face scenes. Manisha Koirala asked for a court order to hold the release of the film because a lot of intimate scenes were carried out by a body double impersonating her.

5. Sunny Leone In Ek Paheli Leela (2015)

Released in 2015, this film tells the story of a reincarnation dated 300 years back. It focuses on the story of Leela which is played by Sunny Leone and her love. Her love story remains incompleted as she along with her lover were murdered in the previous life. Sunny didn’t use the body double, but she asked to switch her partner with her husband Daniel Weber to shoot the scene.

6. Pallavi Joshi In Trishagni (1988)

One of the first Indian films to ever feature a full revealing scene. In one of the sequences, Nana Patekar is walking through the dreaded desert and sees the establishment, he peeks inside to see a woman bathing. The first shot is definitely Pallavi Joshi, as it takes close up of her face. But then the camera transitions to her body which is of the body double. The film then cuts back to Pallavi putting back her clothes.

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7. Seema Biswas In Bandit Queen (1994)

Without a shadow of doubt, Bandit Queen is one of the best Indian films of all time. The film was greatly appraised by the fans and critics alike. What’s unique about this film is its realistic approach in the story telling. There’s a disturbing scene in the film where Seema Biswas is assaulted by a group of men, actress Seema Bisawas used a body double for the scene.

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