10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Not STRAIGHT!

Hey Readers! Welcome To Humor nation. ”Queer” a tag everyone hides from. It was a thing of the past when people considered it immoral to talk about. But now, the scenes are different. So let’s take a look at celebrities who are not straight.

Here are some popular names from the Bollywood industry. Their works have proved being a queer is no weakness. Bollywood celebrities who are not straight.

10. Vikram Seth

To start with, we have an iconic real-life character. He gave a few good works about gender equality. Also, he penned down his views about the cause.

10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Not STRAIGHT!

9. Sridhar Rangayan 

He gave many good projects ver the gender minorities. His most talked about projects is “The Pink Mirror” and “Yours Emotionally”. Also, he works as a g-a-y activist.

8. Bobby Darling

You got that right! We are talking about the big boss contestant. She went through a gender transformation at a later stage. She acted in 18 movies as a g-a-y man.

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7. Karan Johar

Who is unknown to this name? He is the director-producer who brought some revolutionary hits to the industry. Thanks, to surrogacy, he is a parent to twins now!

6. Vj Andy

Remember the MTV’s Dare to Date? We are talking about the host of the show. Though he never cleared the doubts on his sexuality, even you have got it, right?

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