How Bollywood Celebrities Reacted When They Were Approached By Beggars For Money

Welcome to Humor Nation. Everyone is familiar with ample amount of money charged by Bollywood Celebrities for a movie. No need to say about the money donated by Celebrities in the charities, orphanage, old age home. Despite of all these, they also visits these places and gave them moral support. By the way, it shouldn’t be a point of discussion that Bollywood Celebrities play supportive behavior in the lives of helpless people.

Apart from all these, so many stuff is there that still need to told such as the foundation run by Aishwarya Rai (Aishwarya Rai Foundation) in the support of underprivileged. John Abraham involved in helping the charity for many years as well as he volunteered for improvisation of funds for poor. After all, perhaps everyone is familiar with ‘Being Human’ foundation run by Salman Khan for welfare of the helpless. In spite of all these, so many other things done by them in the goodwill of needy. Now, lets have a look how they publicly react when they face beggars.

So Let’s Take A Look At How Bollywood Celebrities Reacted When They Were Approached By Beggars For Money!


How Bollywood Celebrities Reacted When They Were Approached By Beggars For Money

Our well known King Khan is also crammed with helping attitude. He is not a little bit behind from anyone in humanity.UNESCO honored SHAHRUKH KHAN, first ever Indian, for his charity work. Once when he was approached by a beggar, begging for food. Then SRK gave him attention and ordered his team to arrange food for him as well as giving him blessings by waving hand over his head.

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He is overall known for his humble and kind hearted behavior in front of the people who need help. His ‘Being Human’ also have a major contribution to help poor. Once Salman bhai caught while coming out from restaurant, suddenly he saw some poor children were struggling to sell their books and balloons then he gave them importance by hugging and reading their books. After all, he is committed for their donation.



Sister-in-law of Salman Khan, known for her firm behavior. She always shocked the audiences from her strange behavior in public. Once when she was dressed in a beautiful white dress, She came out of restaurant towards her car in Bandra. An old lady in pathetic condition begging for money to her, but she rigidly showed ignorance and excused with not having money bag.


“Main Hoon Na” boy ‘lucky’ doesn’t only have a friendly behaviour in that movie, but also gifted with kind heart in real life. Once he was on way of birthday day party, he was surrounded by some poor kids then without taking time he took one of them and kissed.

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Rumoured Girlfriend of Salman Khan. So once when she begged by flawless hungry lady, but she didn’t only show interest but gave her money for food.


These two “Dangal” Girls have very good mutual understanding between them. Their gentle nature was not only depicted in reel, but once it was depicted in real. When they were taking exit from restaurant, they saw some children fans came to meet them. In return, both Fahima and Sanya interacted with them as well as posed in camera along with them.

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