Bollywood Celebrities Who Passed Away In 2018

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. In 2018 we lost many of our favorite Bollywood celebrities and some of the passings were so tragic that it left the country in sad tears. This year has been an exception in these cases, so let’s take a look at those celebrities who passed away and know about their contribution to Indian cinema.

So here is a list of those Bollywood celebrities who passed away in 2018!

1. Sridevi

Bollywood Celebrities Who Passed Away In 2018

Sridevi’s demise was an ultimate heartbreaker to the entire country, it was so sudden that no one believed this news to be true. Sridevi passed away in Dubai due to drowning in the bathtub, her passing crippled the Bollywood industry as well as her family.

2. Sujatha Kumar

Sujatha Kumar has been working in this industry for quite a long time, she passed away while battling with cancer for a long time. Her demise news was spread through her sister’s social media account and her last main role was in “English Vinglish” as Sridevi’s sister.

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3. Rita Bhaduri

Rita Bhaduri’s passing was also a very heartbreaking and grieving news for the entire nation and she passed away due to kidney ailments at the age of 62. She has played several kinds of roles both in TV as well as the Bollywood industry.

4. Arjun Hingorani

Arjun Hingorani was a producer as well as a filmmaker who passed away in his 90s in 2018. He was the one who launched Dharmendra into this industry through “Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere”.

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