10 Countries Where Men Are Small Because ‘Irada’ Matters More Than Size!

5. Mynamar

As beautiful as it is Myanmar formerly known as Burma is famous for their two kind of nuts. Betel nuts and their little hanging nuts, with an average size of 4.19 inches.

4. India

The country who proudly shared its Yoga spirituality to the world never shared the fact that Indian Men have an average size of 4.0 inches. Well we now know the truth. Namaste!

3. Thailand

It is the home to the world’s largest Buddha statue which is made up of gold. This country has the largest restaurant, largest crocodile farm, the tallest hotel, and also the the longest suspension bridge. I guess they’re trying to compensate for their national average of 4 inches in their pants.

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2. Cambodia

10 Countries Where Men Are Small Because 'Irada' Matters More Than Size!

50% of the Cambodian population is under the age of 15. No wonder the average manhood size of Cambodian Men is just 3.95 inches.

1. South Korea

You may have heard their fantastic K-POP and you may be impressed with their Economical, financial and Military Growth, but I guarantee that you will never see South Korea the same way ever again. As they hold the record for the nation with the smallest penis with an average size of 3.8 inches of pure imagination.

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