5 Most Crazy And Weird Restaurants In India

5 Most Crazy And Weird Restaurants In India

Hello guys! How are you doing? Welcome back to Humor Nation. Food joints in India are really getting creative with respect to not just their menu, but also their settings to attract all those foodies out there. We at Humor Nation have already done an article on unusual and weird restaurants in the world, but today we are listing out the top five weird and creative restaurants in India.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Most Crazy And Weird Restaurants In India!

5. The prices of drinks rise and fall just like prices of commodities do in the stock market. When the bar opens, the price of beverages are cheaper, but then it starts rising. Depending on the demand of the drink, it’s price can get super high or extremely low.

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4. This restaurant functions in a place which was a graveyard, just when you’re about to say interesting, let us cut you right there. Not just this, there are graves present right inside the restaurant, but why? Because the owner believes that the graves bring him good luck, crowded and loved by all. When a zombie apocalypse comes this is surely the worst place to hide.


3. If you’re a fan of Bollywood then you simply have to visit this restaurant. You will find the menu cards in the design of the number plates of a truck and you will find fancy Bollywood posters all around it.

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2. When the temperature outside is soaring, find respite in this restaurant. A fine dining iced lounge combo, 21 Fahrenheit has everything from tables and chairs, chandeliers and lampshades to plates and glasses made of ice. So it’s gonna be quite a chilling experience, don’t worry because the visitors are provided with warm coats, gloves and boots to bear the zero Degree temperature.

1. This restaurant serves Indian, European, Mexican and Lebanese food, but all inside a jail. This Qaidi kitchen in Chennai has a setup like a jail and you will be served food by the inmates, and the orders are taken up by the jailers. No one has tried to escape from this prison as the food tastes yummy.

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