5 Famous Cricketers Who Changed Their Names

Welcome to Humor Nation. Cricketers are big celebrities and their names get etched in the minds of fans. So much so that they name their kids or sometimes change their own name to that of their admired icons. There are some cricketers who have changed their names. Today at Humor Nation, we are going to take a look at five of those cricketers who changed their names for different reasons.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Famous Cricketers Who Changed Their Names!

5. Yousuf Youhana

5 Famous Cricketers Who Changed Their Names

Perhaps the one name on this list that will strike the minds of cricket fans who have followed the sport in the past decade. Yousuf Youhana of Pakistan converted to Islam and has ever since come to be known as Mohammad Yousuf, only the fifth non-muslim player to represent Pakistan cricket internationally and the only one to captain the team. Yousuf Youhana converted from Christianity and his decision being influenced by then teammate Saed Anwar.

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4. Robert George Willis

Better known as Bob Willis, he was one of England’s most successful and penetrated fast bowlers of all times. With 899 first class and 421 list-A wickets to his name, Willis goes down as one of the greats to have graced the sport. However even more interesting than his long bowling runup is the story behind his eventual name ‘Bob Willis Dillon’. The English man was enamored by the singing talent of 1960s American musician Bob Dylan to such an extent that he adopted the singer’s second name as a part of his own through a deed poll; a legal document used for change of name in 1965.

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