Dark And Dirty Secrets About Priyanka Chopra

Hey Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Priyanka Chopra, The desi girl who is now a global domination. Priyanka did well in Hollywood music, movies, and web series. She proved when you have talent there are no boundaries that can limit you.

Priyanka Chopra is at the peak of her career right now. Media is constantly eyeing on her and her fans are following her actions desperately. They wish to know each and everything about her.

To help them out, we have brought a list of a few secrets that reveals the dark side of Priyanka Chopra. She managed to hide it from the world.

6. Akshay’s Affair

Priyanka made a good pair with Akki. They gave some good hits like Mujhse Shadi Krogi. Sooner, she dated the married co-star causing issues in his personal life.

Dark And Dirty Secrets About Priyanka Chopra

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5. Shahrukh’s Junglee Billi

Did you remember SRK speaking “Mujhe junglee billiyan bahut pasnd hai”? Well, actually. The duo dated for a while after the movie. This let to SRK losing bonds with Gauri and Karan Johar. No one knows the reason for their breakup.

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