5 Dark Secrets That Riverdale Doesn’t Want The Fans To Know

Welcome to Humor Nation. Today we will be looking at some of the dark secrets of the show Riverdale. The show is all about finding the darkest secrets of the people which they try to hide it from the others. The creators, the director, even the star cast of the show have some secrets which they don’t want you to know. So before we start, this article will feature spoilers so if you still haven’t seen the show then don’t read any further.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Dark Secrets That Riverdale Doesn’t Want The Fans To Know!

1. We all are aware that KJ Apa is really a talented actor. But what you guys don’t know is that this actor has almost hurt himself badly while filming the show. KJ is a brunette, but the character he plays Archie has red hair. Therefore the actor agreed to dye his hair, but before the make-up team could dye, they had to bleach his eyebrows. The bleaching didn’t go well and the actor ended up with plenty of burnt skin.

He could have almost gone blind, but the bleach didn’t go into his eyes. The actor took rest, allowed the burnt skin to heal, and he was back a week later to start shooting again. During the ice-breaking scene when Archie punches the ice to save Cheryl, but the actor immersed deeply into Archie’s character. He got carried away and broke his hand.

5 Dark Secrets That Riverdale Doesn't Want The Fans To Know

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2. Lili Reinhart plays the character of beautiful and charming Betty Cooper. Betty’s character is really complex with so many emotional layers, looks like there are similarities between Lily and Betty. Back in 2017, the actress admitted that she’s suffering from depression and anxiety.

She wanted to make her dream come true therefore she moved to LA. But due to a severe panic attack, she decided to move back home where she could remain close to her family and friends. Lily is dating Cole Sprouse and she no longer shows any signs of depression. It’s the love and support provided by her family, friends, and partner Cole which has helped her in overcoming depression. She advocates mental health and emphasis the importance of seeking support from family and friends when you’re experiencing a mental health issue.

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