13 Dark Supernatural Secrets That The Fans Had No Idea About

Welcome to Humor Nation. It’s nothing unexpected that a show with such a long history (and a considerably longer cast list) would have a couple of skeletons in its own particular storage room that may require exorcizing. From harassment allegations to provoking and derogatory tweets to discriminating with minority characters, Supernatural too has its fair share of controversies and it’s not unusual to debate, although a lot of dark supernatural secrets have been hidden from the fans.

So Let’s Take A Look At Dark Supernatural Secrets That The Fans Had No Idea About!

1. The house interior used on the Supernatural is the same one.

Dark Supernatural Secrets That The Fans Had No Idea About

2. This is how the legend of cross demon started! Supernatural made it very popular.


3. He actually did that! 

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4. These Winchester brothers’ do a ton of scams.

5. How can they accuse Supernatural of having a problem with diversity?

6. His tweets enraged the Supernatural fans.

7. One of the biggest Supernatural secrets is that Eric Kripke is a bad actor, but a great creator.

8. The creator of the show is fighting over the profits.

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9. This is the reason why Sam spent a big part of S10 in a sling.

10. One of the darkest Supernatural secrets is that the actor Aaron Wade has been accused by many women of harassing them.

11. Imagine how Supernatural would be, if the boys had lost their father John Winchester in the pilot episode.

12. This is said to be the reason why Mark Sheppard left Supernatural.

13. Imagine what if the character of Bobby Singer had never existed!

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