Dominick Reyes Comments On Jon Jones Vacating The Title: “His Ego Won’t Let Him Admit The Reason”

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Jon Jones had a spat with the UFC President Dana White over the issue of pay back in May 2020. Jon Jones was looking for a super-fight with the scary heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou. Dana White shot down the super-fight speculations saying that Jones wanted ‘Deontay Wilder money’ which is around $25-30 million dollars. Jon Jones responded to Dana White’s comments by asking him to release him from his UFC contract, saying he never asked for ‘Deontay Wilder’s money’ for his super-fight. Jon Jones last faced Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 where he won the fight in a controversial unanimous decision.

Dominick Reyes Comments On Jon Jones Vacating The Title: "His Ego Won't Let Him Admit The Reason"

On August 15, 2020 Jon Jones announced on Twitter that he is vacating his Light Heavyweight Championship, hinting a possible move to the Heavyweight division. Speaking to the reporters at Dana White’s Contender Series Season 4: Week 3, the President confirmed that Jon Jones is no longer the UFC Champion. The vacated title will be on the line at UFC 253. ESPN confirmed that a fight between Jan Blachowicz and Dominick Reyes will take place on September 26 at UFC 253 for the vacant title.

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Speaking to ESPN MMA’s Ariel Helwani, Dominick Reyes said that he didn’t know about Jon Jones leaving the division until it was announced in the public domain. He had no idea about Jon’s decision. He was approached by UFC a couple of weeks ago to fight on the September card. It was a blank contract, meaning he could fight either Jon or Jan. Dominick agreed to the contract only if a title was on the line for this short notice fight. If Jon decided not to return, he would have fought Jan for the Interim title, but as Jon decided to vacate and leave the division, things got sorted out for him.

Dominick Reyes Comments On Jon Jones Vacating The Title: "His Ego Won't Let Him Admit The Reason"

Dominick Reyes’ reaction to Jon Jones Vacating the title:

When he heard Jon Jones vacating the title, his reaction was “Oh, Come on man, Come on bro, seriously? But whatever, the show must go on. Either way, I am fighting for the belt. The whole goal is to get the belt anyway. It sucks that I can’t beat Jon this time. But I’ll catch him later. 

Dominick Reyes Comments On Jon Jones Vacating The Title: "His Ego Won't Let Him Admit The Reason"

What he thinks about Jon Jones vacating the title:

If you look at it, Jon, you know, I think truly in his heart felt that he won the fight unanimously. He had nothing else to prove to the division, either that or I could really lose my belt to this guy. So let’s vacate it and go to the heavyweight, and make a run for the title.

His thoughts on if Jon’s decision to vacate the title has anything to do with him:

Yes and no. I am gonna say yes because I believe that and no because he’s gonna say no. His ego won’t let him admit the reason. I know he doesn’t want to rematch me. I mean it’s obvious he vacated the belt. You don’t give up something that you’re proud of. Why would you give it up? Unless you feel like you didn’t earn it.

Right now Jon is irrelevant to him, he is focused on the title. He also believes that once he’s the champion, Jon might come back chasing him to steal the hype and earn big PPV money. He believes Jan would be a tougher match for him than Jon. Dominick talks about his next opponent Jan Blachowicz, he said:

He is very technical striker. He has more power than Jon. I think he’s more dangerous fight for me to be 100% honest. He’s a counter-striker with a lot of power, He has a BJJ black belt and he’s very technical everywhere. Jon doesn’t counter-strike, he has no power, and he’s not that technical. He’s just tricky.

Dominick Reyes made is UFC debut in 2017 and was on an unbeaten streak of 12 wins when he faced Jon Jones. The two squared off at UFC 247 for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. Reyes came off short and lost the fight via a controversial unanimous decision. The judgement sparked a lot of controversy among the fans and the fight experts who thought Reyes defeated Jon comfortably. Out of 21, 14 popular media outlets scored the bout in favor of Reyes while only 7 scored for Jon Jones.

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