7 Shocking Facts About Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Philippines President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has made some shocking comments that made controversies all around the world. He is said to be a dictator and brutal too, he is not the kind of a man anyone should be in company with.

So Here Are 7 Shocking Facts About Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte!

1. He called Barack Obama ” Son Of A WhoR* “

7 Shocking Facts About Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte

Relations have not been good between Philippines and U.S ever and apparently when Rodrigo called Pope Francis and Barack Obama a son of the whor# in the year 2016, Duterte was made to ask to for an apology from them in public. This all happened when Obama was into the matter of human right violation in 2016.

2. Bloody Drug War

When Duterte was given responsibilities to resolve a serious problem, I guess he just mistook the situation when ended up killing peoples. To stop drugs he made people murder the ones who took drugs and also awarded the people who killed the drug addicts, that makes me question that who made such a man a President.

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3. Makes Rape Threats

In a violent rape’s aftermath, Duterte said that he wished to be the first one to do so, apparently, he is accused of using Viagra too, but making such comments to such a sensitive issue is just humiliating for a woman.

4. His Role Model “Hitler”

Duterte’s role model is Hitler because Hitler killed millions of Jews and made history, so did he by killing all the drug addicts.

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