6 Fake Babas in India That Cheated People In The Name Of Religion

Welcome to Humor Nation. India is one of a kind, it’s the only country in the world where a large number of people spend hundreds, thousands of their hard earned money on Puja and dedicate it to the so called ‘Babas’. In a very limited amount of time, a huge number of self-declared Godman has showed up and has been all over the news for all the very wrong reasons. They have become like high profile celebrities and have a charismatic appeal, they have mesmerized and hypnotized the people who have now become their loyal followers. They are no less than the high VIPs; these ‘babas’ are also surrounded by bodyguards equipped with firearms and wear extremely expensive garments.

During the ancient times, the idea was totally different. The inception of the word Godman originates from the master shisha convention of Hinduism. They had a specific devotees and worshippers and they used to help people in solving their problems without asking for any cash and guide them to a specific way and course. Yet, nowadays the purported self-declared Babas play with the emotions, feelings of the people, and in the lust for money, they would request that their adherents play out a few customs and puja. These innocent “god-dreading” individuals would spend a huge number of rupees on these Babas and their phony exhorts.

So Let’s Take A Look At 6 Fake Babas Who Cheated Innocent People And Made A Mockery Of Religion

1. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan

This man has been recently convicted of serious crimes such as rape, blackmail, and exertion. He’s in the prison right now and will serve 10 years of detainment. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan was born in the year 1967, he is an actor, movie maker, singer, and a spiritual guru. He doesn’t have faith in any religion, and that is the reason he utilizes Insaan toward the finish of his name. His folks were an adherent of Dera Sacha Sauda and later he headed this association. He was married at 17 years old and has one child and two little girls. After the court convicted him, there were revolts and riots all over the Haryana in which some people lose their lives and many were left injured.


2. Asaram Bapu

Asaram is known as” Bapuji” by his supporters. He has 50 Gurukuls and 425 ashramas and 50 Gurukuls all over the country. He is enormously famous among his devotees all across the nation. Asaram made an immense debate when he made a comment in the Nirbhaya case. As per him the young lady could have asked and ought to have called them siblings to spare her. Other than this, he was even blamed for sexually assaulting a minor young girl from his ashram. He has also been accused in extortion, coercion and land snatching cases.

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3. Paramahamsa Nithyananda

He was even recorded as one of the 100 most influential spiritual people. Paramahamsa Nithyananda has published over 300 books. Nithyananda came into the controversy when one of his female supporters blamed him for sexually assaulting her. Ultimately he got exposed when a MMS clip was made public and he disappeared, this provoked the Karnataka police to hold up a gigantic manhunt to arrest him. He was captured later. He used to manipulate the ladies, by marking an agreement, making them sign a contract and from that point onward, he used to abuse them.

4. Sant Rampal

10 Fake Babas in India That Cheated People In The Name Of Religion

Rampal is the founder of the Satlok ashram. A so called Godman, he carries on with a sumptuous life and he possesses numerous lavish cars. He was arrested on the night of 19 November 2014. Rampal was charged with serious offenses such as murder, attempt to murder, conspiracy, and sedition. Thousands of his followers blocked the entrance and tried to protect him from being taken in to the custody. Ultimately he along with his 492 followers were arrested.

5. Ichadari Sant Swami Bhimchand

Ichadari Sant Swami Bhimchand is known to be a disciple and supporter of Sai Baba, he started his career as a security watch in a 5-star hotel. He came into spotlight when he was caught for running a prostitution racket. After he was arrested, he claimed to be a schizophrenic and said he suffers from split personality disorder.

6. Swami Premananda

This disputable Godman is a Tamilian from Sri Lanka. He set up an ashram fundamentally for orphans and women He was convicted of sexually assaulting 13 minor young girls from his ashram and even killing devotee. Swami Premananda passed away in 2011.

So these were the 6 self-proclaimed fake babas who claimed to the God Man. India is a religious nation and these Godmen exploits this circumstance. Be that as it may, it’s about time that now, the general population should realize that these fake] babas are tricking them. Regardless of the considerable number of allegations still, a huge number of people still follow them and spent tremendous cash. The presence of God is all around us, it’s inside of us, obviously it’s debatable, yet that does not mean these individuals are a delegate of God.

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