Fatafat Short Film Review – “17 Minutes That Can Change Your Life”

Fatafat Short-Film Review

Director: Parijat Joshi.
Written by: Tarun Dedeja
Language: Hindi.
Genre: Drama.
Release Date: April 1, 2019.
Cast: Divyenndu Sharma, Ishteyak Khan, Inderpal Singh, Vijay Kumar Dogra.

Streaming on the online media platform ZEE5, Fatafat is a short film which features none other than our favorite Mirzapur star – Divyendu Sharma. Alongside Divyendu, this film also features some of the finest actors like Ishteyak Khan and Inderpal Singh.


Fatafat Short Film Review - "16 Minutes That Can Change Your Life"

The plot of the movie revolves around a common man, basically, a loser, and the main cast of the film Kumar Vishwas (Divyendu Sharma), and how does he deal with daily problems and failures in his miserable life. Kumar Vishwas who works as a call center employee finds himself frustrated and impatiently distressed because of his profession and life affairs. While one night on his way home, he encounters a salesman on a bus who is selling pills of patience. Kumar, who desperately needs such patience in his life buys those expensive pills. As he starts using them, he realizes they work like a charm and slowly gets addicted to them. But once the pills are over….out comes a simple plain truth.

With such a plot, still, this movie has a sweet spot for us to connect our lives with daily problems and their solutions. As shown in the trailer of the movie, fed up with all the problems, he meets a man(Ishteyak) and asks for a permanent solution to all of this, to which the Ishteyak replies – “You want to get rid of all of these problems, that too FATAFAT” which is also the title of the movie.


Fatafat Short Film Review - "16 Minutes That Can Change Your Life"

Fatafat puts forward its message very convincingly with the help of Divyenndu’s brilliant performance. Divyenndu has done justice to the character of Kumar Vishwas. He amazingly portrays the character of Kumar, an anxious, desperate, lost man who is trying to find some hope and meaning in his fast moving life. While Divyendu who is the protagonist of the film keeps us invested in the story, the other actors like Ishteyak Khan, Inderpal Singh, who get a little screen time managed to play their parts convincingly.


This film could have been made into a 3-hour long film full of fun and surprises. But the writer and director did their work exactly like the title of this film, ‘Fatafat‘. It’s really such a fast-paced movie that you do not know when you are lost in the story of the film and then suddenly you are shocked when the film abruptly ends. It’s a humble attempt from Director Parijat Joshi’s to teach youngsters the importance of patience in today’s fast-moving world. The message is empathetic and successful only because Divyendu makes it believable with his realistic performance. The cinematography of the film captures the theme and narrative of the film, showing everything from job frustrations to little struggles in the life of a middle-class working man.


A simple yet important point that the movie wants to convey is – all our lives, we work hard for anything and everything we want, but there’s always a hurry inside our brain to get something or reach somewhere Fatafat without even working hard for it, which should not be the case. As the movie proceeds slowly yet full of life experiences it narrates the general life sequences and what we have already been watching in past movies. This 16-minute film explains the meaning of patience. It teaches us how we look at the same things from a different perspective. Failures can also teach us something important and that is the original motto of this movie.

While the story of the movie does not create any sort of magic but Kumar, with his call-center job where he’s been mocked hourly does a great job of showing emotions, tragedy and a whole lot of drama which looks pleasing to the eyes.


Story: Fatafat Short Film Review - "16 Minutes That Can Change Your Life"Direction:


Overall Rating:

Fatafat Short Film Review - "16 Minutes That Can Change Your Life"

So what are you waiting for? This is an amazing movie made on an interesting subject and if you have 17 minutes then watch ‘Fathafat’ on ZEE5 today.

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