Find Out Who Is Your ‘Teen Wolf’ Bae?


Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. One of the core theme of Teen Wolf is relationships. These relationships of different characters played a central role in the story-line and character development of the show. We got to see the characters fighting off the supernatural threats while trying to balance their normal high school lives. Teen Wolf isn’t just about banshees, werewolves, and all sorts of Supernatural creatures. It also features young blood, hot bae, and a lot more.


Find Out Which Teen Wolf Character Is Your Best Friend?

The show featured a lots of relationships and this resulted in plenty of shippers. It’s debatable which relationship was the best! For us, we believe Stiles and Lydia is definitely among the top 3 best relationships on the show. These show often times put their brains together and came up with a solution for a problem. They became good friends as a result of working together. Stiles got to see the real self of Lydia, beyond the mask of the popular girl. And Lydia accepted Stiles despite of how much he annoyed her. One of their best moments is when Lydia calmed an anxious Stiles during a panic attack by kissing him in season 3.


Scott and Allison is also there right among the best relationships. Their relationship came at a time when everything was so serious in a world full of angst. These two made things lighter. Allison being raised as a hunter and Scott being someone who her family hated. But this didn’t affect her feelings.

So Take This Quiz And Find Out Who Is Your ‘Teen Wolf’ Bae?

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