Funny Things That Happen At Every Indian Wedding, This Is Hilarious!

Funny Indian Wedding
We have all seen and participated in many Indian weddings and there are many fascinating and funny things that happen in every Indian wedding.

We have all seen and participated in many Indian weddings and there are many fascinating and funny things that happen in every Indian wedding. Just like every colorful Indian festival, the weddings here are also very colorful. The wedding occasions in India in most cases are celebrated with extensive decorations, colors, music, dance, costumes and rituals. A noisy band coupled with a baaja topped by a hyper-excited baarat where almost all the Baratis are drunk and doing crazy steps on the song “Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai”. That’s what describes an amazing Indian wedding.

There are many other interesting competitions that happen on this auspicious day. Everybody seems to be very happy at the weddings, the reason being that the wedding in India is not just about the connection between two individuals, it also brings people from both the sides together.

Let’s have a look at some of the interesting things that happen in almost every Indian wedding

1. Never ending Competitions between ‘dulhewalas’ and the ‘dulhanwalas’

There are many dancing and singing competitions that happen in every Indian wedding. We can find many D.I.D rejected dancers and Indian Idol rejected singers in every Indian wedding. They never miss a chance to flaunt the few dance steps they know. These people perform very enthusiastically and when they find that everybody is watching their ridiculous performance, they go and bring their friends on the stage to cover up. And when you are eating your favorite dish, some aunty announces your name from the stage to perform. These things are very common in every Indian wedding.

2. Guests going crazy over food

Doesn’t matter if you’re talking to a very important person or doing the most important stuff; when there’s free food being served, you drop what you are doing and demolish all the delicious dishes one by one. That’s the case with most of the guests and relatives present at the wedding ceremony, And when you ask them if they are done, then you hear “Starter to ho gya, chalo ab khaana khaate hein”. These are the hilarious things that actually happen in every Indian wedding.

3. Shouting Fufajis and Mosajis over flaws in the arrangement

No matter how well things are being arranged at the wedding ceremony, there is always a relative who keeps shouting about the flaws in every arrangement at the wedding. And the reason of their anger is that they are not given the respect they deserve. Sometimes it’s not possible to look after every small thing in the wedding ceremony as people are very busy. But it doesn’t matter to these Fufajis and Mosajis.

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4. Forced introduction by parents to unknown people

Your parents introduce you to a large number of family members & relatives. You have no clue who they are? but you have to smile & greet them with respect as you have to show your manners and etiquettes to them which are being taught to you by your parents all your life. At that time you have to show that you are the nicest person ever born on this universe.

5. Cards and alcohol all night

Without playing cards and having alcohol with friends and some cousins, weddings in India are incomplete. Everybody drink alcohol and cards are being distributed as a backup. In case they get caught by the elders, they can say that we are just playing cards. After having alcohol a target is being selected and everybody makes fun of that person. Then the never ending gossips start and nobody is allowed to sleep till the morning. These were some of the interesting things that happen in every Indian wedding. Please comment your views below.

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