#GoBackModi Has Been Trending #1 On Twitter! Take A Look At The Tweets

Welcome to Humor Nation. You will know the location of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi when you see the hashtag #GoBackModi trending on Twitter. The hashtag has been trending all across the country since the morning. Narendra Modi is on a visit to the Tami Nadu state and when the people on Twitter came to know about it, the trend #GoBackModi started at 10 am and is currently trending at number 1 with over 50K Tweets.

#GoBackModi Has Been Trending On Twitter, But Why?


So What is the reason behind the #GoBackModi Hashtag?

Modi is on a visit to Chennai because he will be speaking at the IIT-Madras convocation. While the supporters of BJP on Twitter are not willing to sit back, they are retaliating with #TNWelcomesModi which is also present in the top 10 Twitter trends this morning.

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This isn’t the first time when the hashtag #GoBackModi has gone viral. In fact, back in February, the supporters of the then-ruling TDP used this hashtag during the Modi’s visit to Andhra Pradesh to show their protest at Centre’s purported refusal to give special category status to Andhra Pradesh. #GoBackModi also trended last week when Modi was in Houston to attend the event of ‘Howdy, Modi!’.

In April 2018, pro-Tamil activists and the opposition political parties made #GoBackModi viral on Twitter when PM arrived in Tamil Nadu to inaugurate the DefExpo arms exhibition. This was also because of Centre’s purported lack of support to Tamil Nadu’s claims on Cauvery waters.

In January this year, When Modi again arrived in Tamil Nadu state to lay the foundation of a proposed AIIMS campus, the opposition made the trend go viral due to perceived lack of assistance from the government following the Gaja cyclone and to show the protest for the killings of 20 protesters in Thoothukudi during a demonstration against the Sterlite smelter plant in May 2019.

Take A Look At #GoBackModi Tweets By People On Twitter!


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