17 Hilarious Names And Surnames In India That Will Make You Go ROFL!

You may underestimate it, take it for granted however there are few individuals in this world who are sufficiently fortunate enough to have a name worth naming. And then there are people with some really unfortunate names. You remember the great Shakespeare had once said ‘What’s in a name?’, I think he was really asking individuals. ‘What’s in a name?’. Like truly. Your name passes on your identity to individuals. Along these lines, I for one feel that it’s exceedingly disastrous that you don’t get the chance to pick something so special and critical for yourself.

Some Indian parents always want something different for their kids, something which will differentiate them from the crowd. And for this purpose they try to give their kids..some really unique and one of a kind names. But as it turns out, they are not creative after all. Remember, picking a correct child name is not easy, it’s really tough.

Take for example these following people mentioned here in the article. I’m almost certain that given a decision, they’d have wanted to settle on a different name to shape up their personality. You don’t trust me on this? All things considered, see it with your own eyes. Has your family name at any point been a cause humiliation for you? Assuming this is the case, was your situation as terrible as the people mentioned here?


The most awful aspect of having a hilarious name is that you can’t change it, and you will have to live your entire life with the ‘odd name’. Every now and then, every here and there, your name is humiliating to the extent that you would prefer not to introduce yourself to others with that name. Some of your evil friends ridicule and mock your name. For you all the fortunate and lucky people out there, here are the absolute most entertaining and hilarious Indian names that will make you say thanks to your kind parents.

So Let’s Take A Look At 17 Hilarious Names And Surnames In India That Will Make You Go ROFL!!!

1. Even the doctor can fall ill.

17 Hilarious Names And Surnames In India That Will Make You Go ROFL!

2. He predicted it before everyone else..abki baar

3. Bihari..what? But it doesn’t matter, the guy has 32 years of experience and knowledge. Surely we can see past his name.

4. Can you guess his birthday date?

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5. Now that’s an investment that every man would happily invest his money in.

6. India’s own James Bond Singh.

7. Seriously? I mean seriously?

8. It’s not what it looks like.

9. Your degree or qualifications don’t matter, it’s the name that attracts the first attention.

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10. After all..every son comes from you know what..so this name makes perfect sense.

11. Kitna pyaara Naam Hai!

12. This guy is a genius!!

13. If you’re looking for a good English academy, search no more.

14. Imagine his name being announced, the next guest is Mr. _____

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15. Okay.

16. If you ignore history then it’s a pretty cool name.

17. Well…

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