How People Reacted To Vivek Oberoi Playing PM Modi In His Biopic

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. While there is buzz about the biopic of Dr. Manmohan Singh, let’s just not forget that our current Prime minister is also getting a biopic of his own soon enough. The biopic’s first poster has been released on 7th January 2019 and people are going crazy after the poster’s look. The movie’s title is “Narendra Modi” and Vivek Oberoi is playing the lead role in this movie and is directed by Omung Kumar who also directed other biopics like Bhoomi, Sarbjit and Mary Kom in the past years.

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How People Reacted To Vivek Oberoi Playing PM Modi In His Biopic

It was finalized earlier that the poster will get a launch in twenty-three different languages and this was done by the Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. This film is already in speculations as they think this movie to be a strategy to win elections in 2019. The film is mostly shot in Gujarat and Vivek Oberoi has worked extensively on his looks during the whole time. He also had to be a part of various workshops and also carry them in other states during this whole regime.

The movie basically focuses on the journey of PM Modi from being a tea seller to one of the strongest Prime Minister in the world, it will also show how he benefited the country with his power and mind in these past years. But this movie also focuses on the elections of 2019 and so people are expecting it to release during that time only.

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People have a lot to say about this upcoming movie as they never thought to see Vivek Oberoi as the lead of this film, they expected other actors like Paresh Rawal instead of him. The whole country is reacting in a different way over this movie and twitter is flooding with all such thoughts and comments. Some comments are positive and some are negative so let’s show you some of them and let you know what the nation thinks of this biopic.

How People Reacted To Vivek Oberoi Playing PM Modi In His Biopic

So what are your views on this?

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