How To Use A Ceiling Fan As Heater In Winter Season And Save Electricity

Fan’s are important for all of us. It’s easy to operate them by putting a plug into the socket and switching on the button, you will get cool air down and will feel chilled. Can you imagine that a fan can give warm air down instead of cool air? Have you ever thought that a fan can also be used in winter season for warm air? Till the end of the article you will get to know each and every thing, what I am talking about.

How To Use A Ceiling Fan As Heater In Winter Season And Save Electricity

Let’s know some interesting things about a fan first. Do you know that a fan can also rotate in reverse direction also? Yes, a fan can rotate in a clockwise direction also. Modern fans can be operated using remote control, and we can change its direction by remote control, in merely two steps. First switch off the fan if it is rotating, allow it to be stationary, and then press the reverse direction button.

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But in old fans we need to change the connections or simply say wiring of a condenser(capacitor). Don’t you worry, it’s not a tough task. A fan contains two winding; a starting winding and a running winding. To change the direction of a fan, we need to connect a capacitor to running winding instead of starting winding. And after that your fan will rotate in opposite direction.

Yes, this question is mandatory which comes in your mind that why should we change the direction of fan?

Forward: For the cooling effect, during the summer your fan should run in the forward direction (counter-clockwise). This will force the room air down on you giving you the wind chill effect that makes you feel cooler.

Backward: During the winter your fan should run in reverse (clockwise) at a low-speed. This will gently draw the room air up towards the ceiling and force the warm air down and out towards the walls avoiding giving you the wind chill effect. Our fan rotates in a counter-clockwise direction and provides straight air downward. A counter-clockwise direction of fan force the room air down on you giving the chilling effect that makes you feel cooler.

If fan rotates in a clockwise direction it will push air upward. During the winter season we can enjoy warm air by running a fan in the clockwise direction. In this phenomena fan forces warm air down, so giving you chilling effect, yes I am talking right a fan pushes warm air down.

During summer season one need straight air down, so we can run the fan in counter-clockwise direction. The warmer the season the more the speed you want.

But during a winter season, we need to rotate fan in the clockwise direction at low-speed. So I think you are clear about the fan that it can also give warmer air down.

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