How Well Do You Know The TVD Villains?

Welcome to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries is not only known for its amazing storylines but also for its nasty villains. Throughout the eight seasons, we have seen our favorite characters encounter the baddies we never thought they could be capable of defeating. We have had some scary and terrifying bad guys, but then we have had villains who could be described as only evil. Kai, the word sadist could only describe this villain even though he was somehow occasionally sympathetic. His backstory was really interesting and he stole every scene in which he appeared.

How Well Do You Know The TVD Villains?

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Then we have Katherine, she was such an intriguing and fascinating character who had a lot of dimensions to her. She could be seen as both pathetic and threatening at times. Klaus would have been the biggest villain in the TVD universe if it weren’t for his redemption arc. But let’s not forget how terrifying his character was when he first debuted. Also, Klaus and Elijah would have been much better villains if they weren’t given their own spin-off where they were the primary protagonists, if only they were left as villains in TVD.

We all love and respect the doctors, but you surely wouldn’t respect Dr. Wes Maxfield. He was a part of the Augustin Club which has tortured for years to learn more about the abilities of the vampires. Luckily our boy Damon got rid of the doc before it was too late.

So Let’s Take A Look At How Well Do You Know The TVD Villains?

Also, we would like to know which TVD villain do you find the best and why so? Share your views with us in the comments section.
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