Indian Celebrities Who Own Stylish Fashion Brands That You Can Afford!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Indian celebrities always rule the red carpet with their dressings. They are always known for their styles and ethnics and therefore are the centre of attraction for most of the fashion designers across the world. Also, there are some of the top Indian celebrities who owe their own fashion brands.

Let’s give a look at the list of top Indian celebrities who owe their own fashion brands and are ruling the market like a pro.

1. Being Human (Salman Khan)

A Salman Khan’s franchise , Being Human is the most popular celebrate brand, that is currently ruling the Indian market. Being Human along with a brand is also a charitable organization. Wearables and accessories of Being Human reflects the style icon of Salman khan. This brand is both available at outlets and online platforms and is known for its affordability and style.

2. Rheson (Sonam Kapoor)

Sonam Kapoor is one of the most beautiful actress in Indian cinema, and often rules the red carpet with her amazing dress-ups. She recently started up her very own fashion brand ‘Rheson’ sponsored by shoppers stop a collaborated idea of Rhea Kapoor and sonam Kapoor, Rheson is all about accessible glamour at an affordable rates.

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3. HRX (Hritik Roshan)

An exclusive fashion brand by Hritik Roshan, HRX is currently one of the most popular celebrate brands present in indian market which provides all type of wearables and accessories specially sports wear for both men and women.

4. One 8 (Virat Kohli)

Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli, recently launched his fashion brand one 8, in collaboration with puma. It currently comprises sports wear, performance apparels and footwear. It is available both online and at brand outlets.


5. All About You (Deepika Padukone)

The fashion diva of India, Deepika Padukone owes her very own fashion brand ‘all about you’ in collaboration with Myntra and French design company cartin. This brand has the richest collection of both wearables and accessories in an economical range. The brand also features dresses with Deepika actually wore in her films and at ramp walks.

6. Nush (Anushka Sharma)

Anushka is often known as the fashion icon among youth. She owe her own clothing line named ‘Nush’ in collaboration with shoppers stop. Nush deals with bright ethnics and hit western outfits, accessories and footwear. As compared to other celeb brands, Nush is little costly, but the quality and style it delivers is unmatchable .

7. True Blue (Sachin Tendulkar)

Launched by Sachin Tendulkar in collaboration with Arvind fashion brand, this brand will make you gall in love with comfort, style shades and tanks. One of the most affordable available in the market, True Blue provide great quality outfits for men.

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8. Skult ( Shahid Kapoor)

Indian Celebrities Who Own Stylish Fashion Brands That You Can Afford!

Shahid Kapoor in collaboration with Abof, launched his own shopping line up in October 2016. From then, skult is known for delivering innovative styles for both Indian and western sensibilities. Skult is all about free styling and comfort.

9. Trunk Label (Bipasha Basu)

Another fashion diva of Bollywood, Bipasha Basu is known for her fitness and clothing sense. She recently launched her clothing line up, The Trunk Label, which uses online platforms to reach costumers. Truck label being an exclusive line up for women, provides both ethnics and western outfits with flawless designs and perfect outfits .

Many more Indian celebrities names would be added to the list in future, as our Indian stars are never behind, when fashion is considered.

Hope you liked this article, stay tuned for more such interesting and informative articles.

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