Interesting Facts About The Best Short Story Writer – Saadat Hasan Manto

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Saadat Hasan Manto has been credited with one novel, 22 short stories, some sketch collections and has also been a part of five radio plays. Manto has been quite a controversial writer due to his bold stories which depicted the naked truth of the society before and after partition. So we’re going to learn about him more, so let’s start.

So here are some facts about Manto who has been credited as the best short story writer in South Asia!

1. Translated other writers work

In the begin of his career, Manto used to translate the work of some great Russian and French writers, he began with translating “The Last Day Of A Condemned Man” which was a work of Victor Hugo.

2. Education

He completed his further education from Aligarh Muslim University in the year 1934.

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3.  All India Radio

In the year 1941 Manto worked in the All India Radio in the Urdu service and also authored some of his radio plays over there.

4. Powerful narration

His stories during partition were very honest and powerful with great narration which reached every readers heart.

5. Best story ending

His story endings in most of his work were so spine tingling and had an ever lasting impact on the readers mind. His writing style was very unique at that time which made him a part of the controversial world.

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