8 Intimate Bollywood Scenes Where Actors Lost Control

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Bollywood has progressed and advanced drastically if we talk about this modern era. Gone are the days when Bollywood films were known for moving, emotional, sentimental image. Nowadays, love-making scenes have ended up being essential parts of any film. These intimate love-making scenes might look simple and cool to watch on the screen, people haven’t the faintest idea about the struggle behind shooting and filming such scenes. Special care must be taken when shooting such a close cozy, intimate scene, it must not be rushed. Everything considered, various cameras and equipments along with the gathering of people are present at the set. This arrangement might make it difficult and troublesome for the actors and actresses to shoot their cozy scenes. So you get a picture how hard these intimate Bollywood scenes are.

Viewing these beautiful couples getting all close and cozy on the big screen excites us too! However, one thing that almost certainly entered our minds is the methods by which these talented actors shoot their intimate and cozy scenes. Are they always comfortable in shooting such scenes? How they prepare themselves to shoot for such scenes? Today we will present to you some of the cases where these on-screen actors got lost in the heat of the moment that they kept the action going even after the director yelled CUT!

So Let’s Take A Look At 8 Intimate Bollywood Scenes Where Actors Lost Control

1. Vinod Khanna With Madhuri Dixit In The Film ‘Dayavan’

During the shooting of the film ‘Dayavan’, there was a romantic scene to be filmed between Vinod Khanna and Madhuri Dixit. In the scene Vinod had to kiss Madhuri, but the actor got lost so much into the act that he bit the lips of the actress.

2. Prem Nath With Faryal In The Film ‘Gold Medal’

There was a scene in the film ‘Gold Medial’ where Prem Nath’s character forces himself on the actress Faryal. But the actor was so much overwhelmed by his emotions that he couldn’t control himself and started doing the act for real which was meant to be reel. This incident shocked Faryal, however she escaped from the clutches of Prem Nath.

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