Jensen Ackles Reveals The Real Reason Why Supernatural S14 Only Has 20 Episodes

Welcome to Humor Nation. So we all know that Supernatural is doing 20 episodes this season instead of 23 which they have been doing for a while now. So what is there a story behind the shaved off three episodes? Jensen Ackles will answer your question!

So what is there a story behind the shaved off three episodes from Supernatural S14? Jensen Ackles will answer your question!

So Let’s Take A Look At The Real Reason Why  Supernatural S14 Only Has 20 Episodes As Revealed By Jensen Ackles

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In an interview given to TVLine, Jensen Ackles said how they originally started with 22 which is pretty much industry standard. He said,

If those of you can remember way back when the writers went on strike, we lost I think it was six episodes that season and I believe in an effort to to to recoup those lost, that lost content, we would add an episode on to the season, adding six on to a season would have been just murderous. That’s just that’s just too long of a season and so we added one on the following season and then the following season that just be kind of came. They were like listen if you guys can create that much content in one season then we’re gonna sell it so so we gotta got stuck with the 23.


Jensen Ackles also revealed how it’s all about the format and revealed the conversation he had with Jared, he said,

Back to what we were talking about earlier when Jared, I sit down and we talk about do we want to do this? Do we want to continue doing this, you know? It’s not about, it’s not about the things that it’s usually about. I think when these kinds of conversations come up, it’s like, oh I want more money or I want a bigger trailer, or I want this, that, you know? Like the conversation is quality of life. We both have families it’s a little bit more of how can we balance make our work-life balance a little better.

Jensen Ackles revealed how they still truly enjoy doing the show, it’s not mundane, it’s not repetitive to him. He said how him and the crew still enjoying telling the stories. And as long as they still feel energized, love, doing it, they won’t be stopping.

The reason behind the cutting a few episodes off from Supernatural S14 is that it gives them a lot more time, it gives them almost an extra month out of our year. Because the actors get only about two and a half month hiatus, that goes by really quickly. He further said,

Who knows if it’s like all of a sudden, we don’t feel like we’ve run a marathon by the end of the season and we’re actually still pretty energized then it’s like “Hey this, I could do this for another several years”.

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