Facts About John Wayne Gacy: The Evil Clown Out Of A Real Life Horror Movie!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Clowns have become a popular trope in horror over recent years from books, television, and even films. Clowns always seem to strike fear into our hearts this can be traced back to many sources. However one man has solidified the clown’s place in modern horror for good, John Wayne Gacy also known as Pogo the clown was an infamous serial killer, active from 1972 to 1978 charged for 33 murders and suspected of even more. He was later executed in 1994 for his heinous crimes, but what is the story behind this infamous killer clown?

So Let’s Take A Look At John Wayne Gacy: The Evil Clown Out Of A Real-Life Horror Movie!


Born March 17th, 1942 in Chicago. He and his siblings were abused by their drunken homophobic father. When Gacy reached age 9 he was molested repeatedly by a friend of the family however Gacy could never tell his father knowing his views towards any homosexual acts. He also struggled to make friends at school as a hot condition kept him from playing like a normal child.

John Wayne Gacy: The Evil Clown Out Of A Real Life Horror Movie!

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Gacy would later have an inner battle over his sexuality after realizing he was attracted to men despite his father views on homosexuality.


To escape the abuse and ridicule the hands of his father Gacy moved to Las Vegas. It’s rumored that while working in a mortuary to earn enough money to live, Gacy climbed into one of the coffins and fondled the corpse of a teenage boy. He returned to Illinois in 1964, getting married having two children and joining the Jaycees, a leadership training organization.

John Wayne Gacy: The Evil Clown Out Of A Real Life Horror Movie!


Gacy later got a job from his father-in-law, managing several fast-food chains in Iowa which is where he moved his family. During Iowa’s sector of the Jaycees, it seemed like Gacy’s life would be perfect for most. However, Gacy had other desires after managing the restaurants for a while, he even managed three KFC restaurants. He began inviting male co-workers to his house to drink beer and play pool in the basement. This is when he began making sexual advances on the boys, but didn’t commit his first assault until 1967.


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