Kamya Sutra: A Web Series Telling The Adventures Of A Bhabhi

Welcome back to Humor Nation. This is the era of the web series and shows on the OTT platforms. They have gained an immense popularity in today’s digital age. Whether it’s Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Ullu TV, PrimeFlix, these subscription based services are becoming quite a trend with the Indian audiences. Indian viewers are now quite ready for the ‘edgy’ content which is the reason why shows like ‘Mirzapur’, ‘Sacred Games’, and movies like ‘Lust Stories’ are quite a hit. Some OTT platforms like Ullu TV, PrimeFlix have many originals shows which are targeted for the adult audiences.

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Today we are going to talk about a show called ‘Kamya Sutra’ which is available on PrimeFlix.


This show focuses on a housewife named Kamya. A guy named Vivek cannot believe his luck when he gets married to the beautiful and hot Kamya. After returning to his work from Honeymoon, he is left shocked when one of his colleagues makes a few remarks which gives the impression that he knows Vivek’s wife very intimately. Soon Vivek comes across a famous blogger ‘KaamyaBhabhi’ who reveals her fantasies, flings, and desires on her blog. As Vivek starts reading the blog, he realizes that the fantasies sound similar to that of her wife’s. Now this leaves Vivek in a delimma. Is ‘KaamyaBhabhi’ and his wife ‘Kamya’ the same person? And is his wife ‘Kamya’ having affairs, flings, and encounters behind her back? Watch this show to find out for yourself.

Some shots from the episodes of Kamya Sutra.

Kamya Sutra: A Web Series Telling The Adventures Of A Bhabhi Kamya Sutra: A Web Series Telling The Adventures Of A Bhabhi


Mokshita Raghav As Kamya

Karan Sharma As Vivek

Raghav Binani As Salesman 

Shivanshu Sharma As Cable Guy

Santosh Shikare As Kulfi Guy

Sapan Gulati As Cousin Tej

Pankaj Sharma As Delivery Boy

Simran Kamra As Malini

This web series has been directed by Dipakk Srivastava and written by Paresh Patel.

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