Alok Nath, Nana Patekar, Vikas Bahal: 10 Celebrities Stuck In #MeToo Movement

6. Alok Nath

Writer and producer Vinda Nanda said that 19 years ago Alok Nath sexually abused him. While writing a long Facebook post, she said that it started when her written serial ‘Tara’ was going on, in which Alok Nath was a male lead. Aloknath was the biggest star in the 1990s. He was considered the most cultured man on TV. But their reality is something else. Actually, he was a drunkard, a shameless and a bad man. Vinta also said that Alok Nath also used to tease her.

Actress Sandhya Mridul has said that in Kodaikanal, she was shooting and Alok Nath was playing his father’s role and Reema playing the mother role. In the beginning, he started appearing very well. But then one day when the team went to dinner together, the new look of Aloknath came out. There he  drank too much alcohol. He began to insist that she would sit near the evening.

7. Gursimran Khamba

A young woman has said that on two occasions in 2015 and 2016, Gursiman had sexually abused her. Despite refusing, he tried to move towards her. The young woman had to push him away by pushing him. After drinking alcohol, Gursiman used to call her and threatened her. Emotionally blackmailed her and this went on for five months.

8. Kiran Nagarkar

Three women have come forward against him. A woman has said that when she went to interview him in a hotel room, Nagarkar came near her and hugged her and started putting fingers in her bra’s strap. Later he asked her to skype with me at night. The ex-journalist named Purusho Joshi has also said that once he went to take his home interview and the atmosphere there was very uncomfortable. During the interview, Nagarakar sat next to him and insisted on embracing him. The third charge is of a woman journalist named Shilpi Jha, who met Nagar in a discussion in August 2015 and asked him to give an interview. Nagarkar told him that he could talk to her on Skype in the evening. Later on put the arm on his wrist and touched the wrong way. Shilpi said that he was very scared and had reached a crying position.

9. Gaurang Doshi 

Actress Flora Saini, who recently starred in the film, ‘Stree” has said in her long Facebook post (#MeToo movement) that producer Gaurang Doshi had sexually abused her in 2007. Flora has shared her old photograph of Valentines Day 2007, showing her injuries on her face. He has written that it marks the beating of Gaurang. And Flora said that she was then dating Gaurang, but for a year she was being tortured at his hands. They then complained to the police but nothing happened. Gaurang was a powerful man and there was no one to support Flora in the industry.

10. Utsav Chakraborty

More than one girl has accused Utkarsh of harassment in the #MeToo movement. According to him, the Utkarash would send them obscene pictures of him while chatting with them. There are those who made the accusations, some of them were minor during this exploitation. A girl complained about Utkarsh to AIB and after this Utkarsh started troubling her by calling her on the phone.

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