Mom Dresses Up Her Kids As The Cast of Stranger Things!

Welcome to Humor Nation. When it comes to Halloween, you gotta put in the effort to celebrate the festival. And if you don’t then sorry to say, but you’re an old scrooge. Speaking of effort, there’s one mom who has put in the work year after year and has won all the Halloween eves with her creativity.

So this Halloween when her kids decided that they want to dress up as the cast of Stranger Things, their mum Leah Austin was more than happy to get the job done.

Mom Dresses Up Her Kids As The Cast of Stranger Things!

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Her eldest daughter Tallulah who is 12 years old dressed up Max Mayfield, Betsy who is seven years old dressed up as Nancy Wheeler, and Dolly who is six years old transformed into Billy Hargrove. Leah Austin who comes from Monton, Greater Manchester spoke to LADbible, she said that the original costumes for the kids were different.

So when she found out that it was a Stranger Things theme, she got to work and pulled out the clothes she saw on the pictures. Tallulah wanted to be Max, Betsy wanted to Nancy, whereas Dolly wanted to be Bob. While trying to make her look like Bob, they realized she has hair similar to Billy so that would be an easy costume. Her kids stood out at the Stranger Things themed party.

Her youngest daughter Dolly is no stranger to costumes as she had dressed up in amazing outfits for various fancy dress events. Take a look at her pictures from the past fancy dress parties. Dolly has gone as Chucky, Beetlejuice, and Oompa Lumpa in the past.

Mom Dresses Up Her Kids As The Cast of Stranger Things!

How were your Halloween guys? If you have some amazing dress-ups then do share with us and we will feature it on our website.

Source: LadBible

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