Most Dangerous Families In The World

Welcome to Humor Nation. There is always a black sheep in the family, but what happens when being bad runs in the blood? Then, such families become black sheep for the society. Let’s talk about them.

Have a look at some of the most dangerous families in the world-

1. The Adams Family

Most Dangerous Families In The World

This is the real Adams Family, and they are the kingpins of crime in the UK. The family deals in murders to high stake robberies to cocaine shipping. Over the past four decades, the gang associated with the Adams Family has been responsible for 20 murders in the UK, and even more in Holland. Beware!

2. Kim Dynasty

The rulers of North Korea, the Kim Dynasty is a familiar name for the world now. North Korea is so shrouded in secrecy that only hundreds of foreigners are allowed in at a time, and they aren’t allowed to talk to any of the country’s citizens. North Koreans believe that the Kim family has godlike powers since the family has written themselves into North Korean history books. The media, privacy and civil liberties of the citizens are controlled by the family making them a pretty frightening family.

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