Only 1 Gram Of This Material Costs Around $62.5 Trillion Dollars! Not Even USA Can Afford It

Welcome to Humor Nation. So when we talk about the most valuable material in the world, what is the first thing that comes to our mind. We tend to think about Gold, the most valuable and expensive material or it’s Diamond, what else can be? And indeed it’s true because Gold is pretty expensive as it’s current value is $56 per gram. Surely there are other materials which are expensive than gold and diamond.

There are Drugs! Drugs such as LSD, Cocaine, and Heroin, are way more expensive than Gold.

Even the value of diamond per gram is way too expensive, but it’s nothing compared to the most valuable material in the world.

So which is the most valuable material currently known to humanity?


Only 1 Gram Of This Material Costs Around $62.5 Trillion Dollars! Not Even USA Can Afford It

As the name suggests, Antimatter is simply the opposite of Regular Matter, when we look at it from an atomic level, we will find that the Antimatter is made up of atoms, particles, and stuff similar to how Regular Matter is made up of.

But there’s a difference between the Antimatter and the Regular Matter. In Antimatter, the proton is negative and they are known as “Antiproton”, while the electrons are positive and are known as “Proton”. So the difference is that it has an opposite electric charge.

Whenever Antimatter and the regular Matter come in contact with each other, they annihilate each other and this results in a 100% efficient release of energy. This release of the energy makes Antimatter really useful to humans.

We know that even the most efficient nuclear only converts a 7-10% of fuel mass into efficient energy which can be used.

But when Antimatter touches the matter, their collisions result in a release of 100% of their mass into efficient energy.

If you have like 1 Gram of Antimatter which is the size that of a raisin and you dropped it on the ground through which the anitmatter comes in contact of the matter, this would result in an explosion which is far more annihilating and greater than the explosions of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.

Thus this antimatter could be used to destroy an entire city, it can be used to create smaller scale weapons for assassination, and many other uses.

Say we can make an Antimatter bullet which would be pretty similar to a regular bullet, but this antimatter bullet would have a little 1 billionth of a gram of positrons on its tip attached.

And when such a bullet would be fired from a rifle, it can be so dangerous that it could destroy a tank, a house, or such sized objects.

But Antimatter has several other applications that that of military ones. Several studies have indicated that Antimatter has the potential and ability to cure various kinds of cancers.

And Antimatter could also be used as a fuel for space travels. If we use Antimatter as a fuel then it would boost a rocket with a human in it at a speed which is 50% that of the speed of light. This could allow us to reach the nearest star to earth in a short amount of time.

But why is Antimatter that hard to create?

The answer is simply because Antimatter is very difficult to produce, it is very expensive and very very rare. If we talk about the natural production of Antimatter then in the earth’s outer atmosphere when higher energy cosmic rays impact the surface, then a tiny amount of it is produced which also gets annihilated when it comes in contact with the regular matter.

So the only method of acquiring antimatter is to produce it ourselves. But this method is complicated and expensive. The Large Hadron Collider operated by C.E.R.N in Switzerland for example, One of the most expensive and complicated facilities ever built is capable of producing around 10 million Antiproton per minute when it’s operating efficiently at full pace, this amount might sound a lot, but in reality, it’s pretty tiny.

And to produce a single gram of Antimatter with such method and rate of production, it would take around 100 Billion years to complete the production, but production is just the first problem.

Storing the antimatter is even a greater problem. Since Antimatter gets annihilated when it comes in contact with matter so you cannot store it in a regular type of container. So far CERN managed to store the atoms of Antimatter for only 17 minutes which is a record.

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