This One Logo Will Ruin Everything You Love On Television!

Can you imagine how one simple logo can ruin all your favorite moments, if you can’t, then you are going to experience it soon. How very innocent pictures become a filth after adding a ‘Brazzers’ logo to them. Adding the popular adult site logo into seemingly innocent images. The result is anything, but not innocent. This Brazzers logo have made the ordinary images appear wildly inappropriate now. So you still have the time to go back before it is too late. If you have made up your mind, then scroll below to lose your innocence.

So let’s place this Brazzers signature to the iconic Bollywood movie scenes, to the daily soaps, the results you’re about to see completely and utterly inappropriate.

So let’s take a look at some pictures which are ruined all because of one simple logo!

1. Shaktimaan, now it’s your turn to say sorry!

2. It’s not what you think. It’s just a bubblegum you evil!


3. Yummy Ice-cream. She surely loves the taste of it.

4. Don’t get any ideas, he’s just taking his hands.

5. Pushpa, be gentle…don’t cry because I hate tears re…

6. When you don’t follow the orders of ACP Pradyuman, you better prepare yourself for the punishment.

7. Well Bhabhi ji it’s not engagement, it’s enjoyment.

8. Kohli is known for his long innings, you can’t get him out Anushka.

9. Don’t be fooled by his appearances, he can leave adults behind…

When it comes to protecting the earth from evil.


10. Don’t be judgmental, I am sure he had his reasons.

Just two great friends having a good time.

11. No wonder why this show is so ahead in the ratings.

12. Ganga and Sagar have such a great chemistry. Made for each other.

13. Now presenting to you the most watched show on the Indian television, KumKum Bhagya!

Abhi surprising Pragya from behind

Abhi playing with his sweet wife.

Abhi telling Pragya that he didn’t enjoy the dinner.


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