People Who Had One Simple Job And Still Failed In It

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Some people are beyond lazy and sometimes stupid that they can’t even concentrate at their work and that leads to disastrous results in their work and performance. Usually people try to show their best side in the job they do but these ones just don’t care and did what they had to. Today we’ll show you the work of some people who just had a job to do but still failed in doing it. Trust me it’s beyond hilarious and maybe irritating, so let’s start.

So here is the list of people who just had a job but still failed in it badly!

1. Just the best place of Architecture.

People Who Had One Simple Job And Still Failed In It

2. The odd one out.

3. 100% Mineral water.

4. Where will we find this person?

5. Did someone forget something while doing his job?

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6. What do we call these long bright yellow eatable things?

7. Where is the missing cube? Please tell if you see.

8. Damn, this woman must be in a lot of pain.

9. Hey, Asia… Oops! Africa.

10. Have you ever seen a drunk cute pony?

11. For sure he did his job pretty well. Didn’t he?

12. Why don’t these cars “SOTP”? I guess I misspelled something.

13. Really? Like really you just had one job but still.

14. Perfect bench to take a bath.

15. Just one at a time mam. It’s one of a kind design.

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