10 Famous Stars Who Died In Front Of Their Fans

Hey folks! Welcome to Humor Nation. Imagine you went to see a show of one of your favorite stars. Suddenly, an accident takes place and the lead is no more. Shocked? Surprised? Who is to be blamed? There were many such instances when the fans saw the untimely demise of their Beloved stars.

Below mentioned are the names of such popular stars who passed away shockingly in front of their fans.

9. Brandon Lee

Lee was the son of Bruce Lee. He died at a really young age when a co-actor threw a prop to him. The accident took away a promising actor from the industry.

10 Famous Stars Who Died In Front Of Their Fans

8. Owen Hart

Hart was a popular wrestler. He died in front of around 18k witnesses. It was a wrestling match that ended his career, fame, and life altogether.

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7. Ty Longley

Longley dies with his fans. It was at one of their rock show that fire sneaked in. Later it came out to be a technical fault. The accident took away 100 people including Ty.

6. Ken Steadman

Steadman’s dream was to be a successful actor someday. He worked for the motive since forever. Unfortunately, during his first series shoot, he met an accident and had an untimely demise.

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