5 Horrifying Real Life Exorcisms That Will Haunt You Forever

Welcome to Humor Nation. In 1973, the film ‘Exorcist’ was released which went on to become one of the highest grossing and critically acclaimed horror movies of all time. Ever since then, there have been stories of the real life exorcisms which have been reported in the media.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 Horrifying Real Life Exorcisms That Will Haunt You Forever

5. Anna Ecklund

5 Horrifying Real Life Exorcisms That Will Haunt You Forever

In 1912, 14-year-old Anna Ecklund began acting strangely. She would speak in tongues disturbing voices would emit from her throat and she would be repulsed by religious iconography and spaces. A priest was brought in to conduct an exorcism which was initially thought to be successful, but in 1928 Anna’s conditions began to reoccur and she would commit terrible acts claiming she was plagued by the voices of demons. They conducted another series of exorcisms binding her to an iron bed but on one occasion she ripped through her restraints, jumped into the air and allegedly clung to the wall above.

She had to be dragged down by nuns howling and crying. Then began the vomiting which according to reports contained tobacco leaves. Her body swelled, she became disfigured and her eyes apparently began to glow red like embers. Eventually, the demons were exorcised according to reports. Time magazine even did a profile on the priest in who was in charge of her exorcism a fellow named Father Theophilus Riesinger calling him a potent and mystic exorcist of demons.

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4. Michael Taylor

In 1974, a man named Michael Taylor made headlines for an event referred to as the Ossett Murder Case. Taylor who lived in Ossett in England was a butcher and was married to a woman named Christine. He began feeling what he described as evil within him and at a meeting at a Christian Fellowship Group he viciously attacked the meeting’s facilitator. Every meeting afterward despite being apologetic his behavior grew more erratic and finally, the group believed that the only way to rid him of this was to call upon a local priest and cast the demons out of Taylor via exorcism.

On 5th October 1974,  the exorcism was conducted and according to witnesses, 40 demons were cast out of Taylor. Eventually, he was allowed to go home even though they believed that he still had demons remaining inside of him. Big mistake because Taylor would go home and murder his wife Christine with his bare hands, tearing out her tongue and eyes as well as strangling their dog to death. A policeman would later find him naked on the street covered in their blood. He would later be acquitted for his charge of murder and sent to a high-security psychiatric facility which he would be released from after four years.

He made headlines again after inappropriately touching a teenage girl and leading up to his prison sentence, he attempted suicide four times. He was sentenced to psychiatric treatment as a result.

3. The Smurl Family

The Smurl family may ring a bell to those of you who are fans of the Conjuring film series. It’s one of the real-life cases that famous demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren had investigated in the 70s. The family claimed that they were being haunted by ghosts plagued by demonic activity in their home. Ed and Lorraine visited them and noted that a very powerful demon was present in the house. This led to the couple attempting several exorcisms to be rid of the dark shadow’ that lurked throughout the building. While the exorcism was unsuccessful the haunting would eventually cease by 1974 which only furthered the ridicule they had already received from the media about the whole thing is an elaborate hoax.

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