Reasons Of Immense Popularity Of Cricket In India!

There are many sports in India that are followed by people like Football, Basketball, Volleyball etc. but there is no match of cricket’s popularity in India. Have you ever wondered why cricket is followed as a religion in India. Many sports are being played in every corner of the country, but cricket has created a different level in Indian sports scenario. You can find children playing cricket in every street and grounds are also fully acquired by the cricketers. Basically, just like every other country has a sport that’s been followed by crazy fans, Cricket is favorite sport of Indian people and has billions of crazy fans.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons.

1. Sachin Tendulkar

If cricket is a religion in India, then Sachin is its GOD. Every child in India wants to become Sachin Tendulkar. From Virendra Sehwag to Virat Kohli every Indian cricketer followed Sachin Tendulkar and became successful. Sachin Tendulkar is a cricketer that has inspired the whole generation to play cricket. Many youngsters follow him as their role model. So he is definitely one of the reasons of popularity of Cricket in India.

2. Cricket Unites Our Society

Cricket is the only thing that brings together the people of different religion and different faiths. It not only crosses all the boundaries of religion just like the Cricket ball crosses them. Cricket is the only religion whose festivals are celebrated by the whole country.

3. Indian Premier League

Indian Premier League is also a very important reason of cricket’s popularity. It has expanded the opportunities for young talents in India. It has opened the doors for many struggling crickets to show their talent on big stage and gave them chance to meet their heroes. Indian Premier League has raised the standard of Indian Cricket and it has reached to the new heights. Indian Premier League has given new heights to the popularity of Cricket.

4. Money

Money is also the main reason for the popularity of Cricket. As we all know BCCI is the richest cricket board and people have tendency to have an attraction towards money. Nobody pays attention towards Tata Nano when Ferrari stand besides. Young cricketers also get motivation from it and works harder which is raising standards of Indian cricket.You might have noticed that every Indian fielder seems to be a tiger while fielding.

5. Indo-Pak War

The only time when we Indians feel patriotic other than 15 August and 26 January is when we beat Pakistan team in Cricket. Whole Country comes on the street and starts dancing and giving slogans like “Sunle beta Pakistan Baap Tumhara Hindustan” this makes Cricket even more popular. India Pakistan matches breaks every records of popularity every time. be it the heavy crowd in the stadium, or the breaking of the TRP records of the television industry. India Pakistan match always brings amazing attention and joy to the cricket fans.

6. Budget Friendly

If we want to play cricket with friends we only need Rs. 10 contribution per head. Cricket is a very budget friendly game and it can be played anywhere whether it is roof, gully or ground. We can find people playing cricket in every corner of country. And we know that Indians are simply just crazy about the game because “Jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hai”. This is the reason why the game of Cricket has gained such an enormous popularity in the country and is making room in heart of every Indian.

7. Strangers Become Friends

Indian cricket fans India

Whenever there is a crucial game of Team India, at every place whether it is office, restaurant or tea-stall, we can find Cricket lovers. Strangers celebrate every moment of joy together, and they end up being good friends after the match. A small game brings together the people of the whole country together. Why can’t we get united against every problem our country faces?

Harsh Solanki
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