10 Things In Which India Is Better Than Pakistan

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. In my previous article i discuss some facts in which Pakistan proves to be better than India in some aspects, but India is no less than Pakistan or any other country. In some factors we still prove to be far better than Pakistan, so let’s start with it.

So here are those things in which India is better than Pakistan

1. Democracy

10 Things In Which India Is Better Than Pakistan

Everyone knows that when it comes to democracy, India beats Pakistan in every aspect. We have a better democratic organization than them and we are truely the world’s largest democracy and we are able to preserve that very efficiently. We allow each and every citizen in our country to participate in public and political matter and let them express their feeling, we don’t believe in compressing someone’s thought, like Pakistan does.

2. Economy

India’s GDP growth according to reports has been 7.5% and Pakistan’s GDP was just 4.4%, which is too less. Even the per capita income to India was higher when compared to Pkaistan as we had $1820 while Pakistan had $1427.

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3. International Business

Pakistan’s total export value is estimated to be around $29.8 billion whereas India’s export value is estimated to be around $477.1 billion. India’s international business is stronger than that of Pakistan as we share business around the globe whereas Pakistan is still stuck with the gulf region.

4. Religious and Cultural Diversity

No matter what happens, India will always stay ahead of Pakistan when it comes to cultural and religious diversity because India treats people of every religion equally and give equal rights and respect to all. Just because of some toxic people whole Indian culture can’t be blamed as they exist in every place to destroy things. In India Hindu also celebrates Eid whereas Muslim celebrate Diwali, such things could be rarely seen in Pakistan.

5. Cricket World Cup

I don’t think that i need to explain this point as every Indian knows about this better, I guess its our habit to win against them.

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