Reasons Why NDTV Is Better Than Other Indian News Channels

Welcome back to Humor Nation. When it comes to Indian news channels, names such as AajTak, Republic TV, Times Now dominate the TRP market. NDTV seems completely different than other channels because the channel is considered to be ‘Anti-BJP’ and hence ‘Anti-National’ by many peope. But in reality, it is BJP which is ‘Anti-NDTV’. The biggest politicial party in the world has boycotted the channel. But why so? Because the channel is labeled as an anti-national channel by the ‘Bhakts’. But is the channel really against the government?

Take A Look At Some Of The Examples Of The Reporting Of NDTV

When The Indian Economy Growth Declined & GDP Fell To 5%

Reasons Why NDTV Is Better Than Other Indian News Channels

On 30th August 2019, when the news of sharp GDP decline and poor economic growth broke out, NDTV’s show ‘Prime Time’ covered the news in the following way. Prime Time’s anchor is Ravish Kumar who is considered as one of the best journalists that India has to offer. He talked about how bad the situation is for the Indian Economy, what are the repercussions of the decline. How the decline in GDP and poor growth in Indian Economy has affected the manufacturing sector. Note that GDP rate has fallen to 5% which is the worst since 2013.

Reasons Why NDTV Is Better Than Other Indian News Channels

At the same time, this is what Zee News showed at their prime time slot. Sudhir Choudhary, known to be a staunch supporter of the current government, and the editor-in-chief of Zee News, compared the bad situation of Indian Economy to that of Pakistan Economy. See how he didn’t try to cover the adverse effects of the decline for the various Indian sectors and businesses, but rather focused the entire focus of the show on describing how bad Pakistan’s economic growth is. An Indian news channel covering Pakistan’s economy doesn’t make any sense, right? Sudhir Choudhary didn’t mention a word about the horrifying and damaging state of Indian Economy, but kept repeating the poor scenario of economy of Pakistan.

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When Demonetization Happened

NDTV brought in expert economists who discussed the impact of the big decision of demonetization on various sectors of Indian market. They talked about the various pros and cons of demonetization.

Again, the popular Zee News and the famous Sudhir Choudhary was more concerned about the design and appearance of the new 200 rupee note. He educated the viewers about the new nano-technology which is going to be used in the new notes. The government was going to introduce nano-chips and GPS technology to counter black money and corruption.

When COVID Cases are at peak, GDP at the lowest, unemployment is on the rise, and students are forced to give exams.

While NDTV covered the various diverse issues such as the crimes happening in different states of India. The damaging effects of GDP’s decline and the rising unemployment in the country. Along with the issues of the students such as SSC Railway, CGL results, Final Year exams, and NEET-JEE.

Whereas other News Channels were busy covering the Sushant’s case through out 24×7 like there’s no other significant events happening in the country.

Reasons Why NDTV Is Better Than AajTak, Zee News, Republic TV, and other popular news channels.

1. NDTV focuses on real life issues of the public and it always tries to display actual situations which are reported from the ground level. Whereas other channels sugar-coat the bitter and hard to digest news. They exaggerate trivial issues and are selective in their reporting, choosing news which their audiences like, not what’s important.

2. NDTV stands out when it comes to journalism, whereas other news channels practice the yellow journalism. Popular news channels like Aaj Tak, Zee News specialize in providing the Masala news and dramatizing a political news just for sake of TRP instead of telling the actual truth.

3. NDTV has honest and unbiased anchors such as Ravish Kumar who are always neutral and doesn’t align themselves with a particular political party or ideology. Whereas other news channels have anchors such as Rohit Sardana, Anjana Om Kashyap, Sudhir Choudhary, who are not journalists, but anchors who have a skill of selling you a news just like a product. Their alignment with a political party or ideology is crystal clear from their reporting.

4. Hardly any person from the current government agrees to come up for an interview on NDTV whereas you’ll find plenty of government politicians on all other news channels. Reason behind it is that NDTV asks the right questions which could make them uncomfortable whereas on other channels they have a home field advantage.

5. Sadly, NDTV’s has an impact only on a small fraction of the Indian audience. Other channels boast their networks claiming that they are the ‘Number One News Channel’ or ‘The Best News Channel of The Year’.

6. NDTV doesn’t present the scandal-mongering, or sensationalism themed news reporting whereas other news channels are an expert in this domain. They would engage its viewers with meaningless shows debating about an actor’s death for weeks and would over emphasize it.

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