Riverdale Quiz: Who Kissed Who?

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. When our main characters on Riverdale aren’t busy solving a murder mystery or on the run from a serial killer, or fighting off the crime lords, they are busy romanticizing. That’s right, there’s a lot happening in the weird town of Riverdale. The show has done an impressive job in depicting the streamy scenes which surely turns up the heat and raises the temperature of the viewers. From the unexpected hookups to the passionate relationships, Riverdale has never shied away from displaying the love scenes with intensity on the screen.

Riverdale Quiz: Who Kissed Who?

Find Out Who Is Your Lover And Bestie On Riverdale?

Remember when the dangerous Black Hood was terrorizing Riverdale, the residents of the town were worried for their life. Veronica and Archie processed their emotions the only way they know. By making the most of the moment and just loving in every corner of the house. Varchie has so many passionate scenes in the show and all of them are full of intense chemistry.

Riverdale also has many LGBT characters and they have done a brilliant job in telling their stories. The show has also featured many LGBT romantic scenes which took many viewers by surprise. The biggest surprise came when the show allowed Cheryl and Choni to take their relationship to the next level and to finally do the deed. It’s one of the wildest scenes on the show. Also, we would like to know which couple do you think has the most hottest scene on the screen?

So Take This Riverdale Quiz And Answer Who Kissed Who?

Riverdale Quiz: Who Kissed Who?

So you think you are a hardcore fan of Riverdale? Know you remember every season, every episode, every kiss clearly? Take this quiz and put your Riverdale knowledge to test.

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