41 Rules That You Must Follow To Survive And Stay Alive In Horror Movies

41 Rules That You Must Follow To Survive And Stay Alive In Horror Movies

“There are some rules, some guidelines, instructions that one must comply with keeping in mind, in order to effectively survive in scary horror movies.”

Everything began when Randy in the cult horror film Scream (1996) described certain guidelines and rules that are important to follow, keeping in mind that the character can only survive in horror movies if he abides the rules. However the Scream horror film series didn’t portray numerous different aspects and parts of the horror genre that a character must know to survive.

I am a big fan of horror genre, I am a devotee of every single sub-genre of horror films. Like the majority of the loyal horror movie buffs, I have seen the hit and cult slasher horror movies like The Burning, Halloween Series, A Nightmare On Elm Street Series, Friday The 13th franchise and numerous others.

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Having seen the Splatter horror films like Braindead, Hostel Series, Saw franchise. In light of my observations and the perception I gathered from watching numerous horror films, horror documentaries, and reading various types of horror articles, discussions on horror fan forums,  I have created a list of rules that one must follow without any exception to survive in a horror movie.

I know these rules and guidelines are not complete, they are not finished yet, there are significantly more stuff that can be included here. In any case, these are the general rules that you need to follow keeping in mind your survival and to not be killed by the scary unknown killer. There are numerous horror movies, many terrifying and twisted killers, and we can’t have a list of rules to survive them all. This particular list applies to the films that have human killers, paranormal, supernatural killers, and a group of silly teenagers or people who will get themselves killed in the most dumb way. So simply sit back and get started, read these rules very carefully! Because you never know when your life would become a horror film.


So Let’s Take A Look At 41 Horror Movies Rules That You Must Follow To Survive!

1. Never visit such places if you wanna stay alive.

2. Yeah, believe what the little kid says.


4. Don’t rush. Take your time, be quiet.

5. Yeah, don’t date psychopaths.

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