8 Sexiest Adult Web Series That You Should Watch Alone!

Hello Readers, welcome to Humor Nation. In the world of Netflix and Amazon Prime video, a large audience has now shifted to the web series and movies available on the online streaming services. This has shown in the amount of online streaming sites traffic which is gone close to millions. The reason is a wide variety of TV shows, web series, and movies to choose from and watch it on the go which is why this became popular. One such category is adult series which is one of people’s favorite,

Here are 8 Sexiest Adult Web Series That You Should Watch Alone!

1. Gossip Girl:

This is an American teen-based drama that revolves around a bunch of upper-class adolescents. This series is probably a nightmare if anyone but your parents caught you watching, which marks the plot of this drama – a threesome plot, all blondes and a blogger who is watching all of them all the time. This can be binged on Amazon Prime or Hulu.

2. The L Word:

Racked up with a whole lot of the love scenes, this TV series shows the story of a group of Lesbians and their friends, family, and lovers. This is a great show and you’ll enjoy for sure, especially the heat wave episode – “Liquid heat”. Divided into six seasons, combined with the concept, this is a must watch TV series you should binge watch today. This series is available on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu.

3. Outlander:

The series features a strong female fantasy of a girl, a married nurse, Claire Randall. She encounters a handsome warrior of the world war 2 and starts to get steamy altogether. This female pleasure of the series makes the love scenes breathtaking and engaging at the same time. Try to ease it into the episodes and you will enjoy every bite(bit) of the series. This series is available on STARZ.

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4. Scandal:

The series that doesn’t make a wink to show anything that wasn’t supposed to be shown on air, this series features Olivia Pope’s crisis management firm, all this takes place in Washington DC. With 7 seasons released, this series also sets a note of love theme which when you hear every time, turns you into a deep deep desire. You can stream this series on Netflix.

8 Sexiest Adult Web Series That You Should Watch Alone!

5. Shameless:

The series Shameless talks about a boy named Lip and his young age, crossing which he then goes to the college, where he starts hooking up with his teachers which is portrayed the best way possible in the episodes. This series has long eight seasons to binge watch the fair and challenging roles of the series. Watch this series on Netflix and HULU.

8 Sexiest Adult Web Series That You Should Watch Alone!

6. Queer as folk:

Queer as Folk is an American Canadian TV series that shows the life of LGBT people. The plot of the series is all about LGBT couples living in Pittsburg and this series actually takes some serious issues to show on the screen. Along with the issues, the series is very frank about the intimacies and the relationship of the couples. Watch this series on HULU and Amazon Prime.

8 Sexiest Adult Web Series That You Should Watch Alone!

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7. Girls:

An American comedy-drama series shows the life of four young women living in New York City. The girls initially living with their parents after separating, one becomes a writer and with their unfortunate decisions, the story progresses into an erotic drama. The series shows a lot of that “S” experience in the episodes, which you’ll love to watch(but alone). This can be watched on HBO Go, HBO now, etc.

8. The affair:

The affair is a great TV show if you want to watch the he-she said drama. Along with this, you can also get to watch beautiful people hooking up in secret. This series is an all-around package with laughter, drama, murder, hook-ups and a lot more to watch and calm your nerve, so what are you waiting for? Stream it on Amazon and HULU today.

8 Sexiest Adult Web Series That You Should Watch Alone!

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